WRT54G and Netgear DG834GT

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by stockdam, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. stockdam

    stockdam LI Guru Member

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before.

    I have an existing wireless router (DG834) and want to connect to a remote PC which doesn't have a wireless adapter yet. I could simply buy a cheap adapter or else I could use a WRT54G and this will have the advantage of providing extra wireless coverage to an area in the house with poor reception.

    I could set up the Linksys in the remote room as a repeater but will it work with the existing Netgear wireless router that doesn't have WDS?
  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    No can do repeater to the best of my knowledge, as the DG834GT cannot (Netgear does not want to...?) do WDS. However, if you just want to get the wireless signal to a couple of remote PCs, which have wired LAN cards, you can.

    This will entail a WRT54GL (note, if you go out and buy, do NOT get the WRT54G, but rather the WRT54GL), loaded with 3rd party firmware, and set up as a Client Bridge/Wireless Ethernet Bridge/WET. This WRT then acts as a wireless client, and in turn feed connectivity to 1 or more wired PCs via its LAN ports.

    DD-WRT v24 (http://www.dd-wrt.com/) firmware has a repeater mode, but I don't know what that entails.
  3. stockdam

    stockdam LI Guru Member

    I think the newer DG834 can do WDS but mine can't.

    Why go for the WRT54GL rather than the WRT54G? Is the WRT54GL-UK ok...what about the WRT54GS-UK?

    Sorry I should just take your advice but I'm curious to find out the differences between the models and which will work and which won't.


    Ok so the GL runs Linux as standard. It is easier to flash than the newer G or GS versions as it has more memory. An older G version will be ok if you pick one up from Ebay and are sure it is version 4 or lower.

    So the GL it is then.

    I'm not sure what a 54GL-UK is though.
  4. PBR1967

    PBR1967 LI Guru Member

    After WRT54G version 4, Linksys made some hardware changes and versions 5 and up do not readily support third party firmware. Customers wanted a WRT54 model that would support other firmware, so Linksys then came out with the WRT54GL, a new model but still based on the verson 1 to 4 design, the WRT54GL supports loading other firmware - DD-WRT, Tomato, etc.
    The WRT54G-UK is a European model. Europeans have wireless channels 1 to 13 available. In the U.S., the FCC only alloted wireless channels 1 to 11.
  5. stockdam

    stockdam LI Guru Member

    Thanks for all of the answers. I contacted Linksys about the 54GL-UK and they suggested using the WAP54G instead.....any comments?

    Edit - I've read more and it looks like a repeater-bridge is what I want. This allows a secondary router to connect to a primary one - all wired and wireless clients connected to the secondary router will get their IP addresses form the DHCP server running on the primary thus extending the network.
  6. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    If you go for a GL, and load Tomato or Thibor or just about any 3rd party firmware, you can do whatever the WAP does, PLUS more, such as:

    It has a 4/5 port switch, while the WAP has only 1 LAN port AFAIK.
    It can route, if you need routing, while the WAP can't route.
    It's most likely cheaper than a WAP.
    If you want to do something more, you have CLI/script access.
    And, a GL with Tomato gives you that fuzzy feeling that YOU have control...

    (Nothing - well very few things - freaks me out more than OEMs limiting the hardware via firmware [such as the DG834GT or stock firmware on a WRT] when they already have the code base to use the hardware to its fullest).

    The GL-UK is, to the best of my knowledge, just a GL running the ETSI version of the firmware - no hardware difference to any other GL.
  7. stockdam

    stockdam LI Guru Member

    I got a WRT54GL (UK version) and flashed it (some problems but I sorted these eventually).

    It now works as a repeater bridge.

    The new PC is hard wired to it but now I've an extra wireless network to use......:)

    thanks all.
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