WRT54G and PPTP?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by lreadshaw, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. lreadshaw

    lreadshaw Guest

    OK, I've been fighting the PPTP passthrough problem with the Linksys routers. I first purchased the WRT54GS and found out that PPTP passthrough doesn't work because it won't pass GRE traffic. Linksys tech support says that there is no firmware update for it yet. So I go buy a WRT54G because, according to them, the latest firmware fixes the PPTP passthrough issue. Even the release notes for firmware 2.04.3 specify that it has been solved. So I update the firmware on the WRT54G and still no luck. I know the VPN server is working because I can connect with the client inside the router. And Microsoft's PPTP test software shows traffic on port 1723 reaching the server from outside the router, but GRE traffic is still being blocked.
    So, has anybody been able to get this working on a WRT54G with ther latest firmware and/or which third party firmware would you recommend using to fix the issue? The router is the main internet gateway for our small business so stability is important.

    Thanks for any help,
  2. BitNix

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    Yes - WRT54G does work with PPTP, but not all firmware does.

    I have testes/tried most of the firmware versions, and so far i can only recommend the WiFi version.

    Works with PPTP (but you might have to open port 1723 TCP to your server for incomming traffic), has PPTP passthrou as all the others. The WiFi has an option for opening 1723/GRE43 to your server.

    But - until now the WiFi has worked best for me - right out og the box.

    Using PPTP several times daily from my PDA and laptop.
  3. jdepew

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    BitNix is correct, the WiFiBox firmware passes PPTP correctly and allows for use of the Microsoft VPN.

    On the 'Applications & Gaming' tab, select the subtab 'VPN Server'

    These are the settings I use

    PPTP Server Enable

    Host IP
    Client IP

    Login: "VPNuser" * "password" *

    make sure you hit [ENTER] after the last * in the login box

    Then with your client use the Windows XP 'Create a new Network Connection' wizard to set up the VPN.

    I didn't have to forward the GRE port and WiFi's firmware takes care of the proper protocols as well.

    I chose the IP ranges that I did so that, while you can't see the other computers as you normally do in My Network Places, you can browse to them using their IP such as \\\ would bring up the computer on your network with that IP (good use for Static DHCP)

    I also signed up with DynDNS.org so that I never have to know my IP to login to the VPN, I just use my DynDNS info that can be configured in the 'Setup' 'DDNS' tab.

    Hope this helps out!
  4. romsworld

    romsworld Network Guru Member

    It s a VPN server on the router, and not a MS Server !

    We want that work with a MS Server !!!!!

    Haaaaaaaaa any fixx
  5. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member



    make want to ask your question in the form of a new post and with a little more detail. I have no idea what you are asking :-(
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