WRT54G and WRE54G : authentication error on the devices

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by tewmgd, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. tewmgd

    tewmgd Guest


    My configuration :
    - AP WRT54G v2 with DD-WRT V23 SP2
    - WRE54G
    - WEP Shared (I’ve try Open also)

    I’ve done my tests with a PocketPc and a Laptop.

    When the device is authenticated with the AP and I move to a room with the WRE54G the connection works fine and I see on my device that I’m connected trough the WRE54G (the MAC address has changed to the WRE54G one).

    But if I switch on the wifi on my device in the room with the WRE54G the authentication failed, I’ve a error message “Wrong key”. I’ve checked the WRE54G configuration, the WEP key etc. Also I see the WRE54G device on the wireless client on the status page of the AP. the led status on the WRE54G are blue (link and activity)

    There’s a setting on the AP that I should change ?

  2. Jmystikcfl

    Jmystikcfl LI Guru Member

    I'm having a similar problem. I have an 8k square foot house to get wireless into. The geniuses at Brighthouse put the modem in the office at the front corner of the house. So, I have a WRT54G, a set of linksys high gain antennas and a WRE54G V2. With all the soundproofing in the walls and such, I'm still only getting about 20% of the house until I can the home automation guy back out to drop a new jack for the cable modem that's more centrally located. Beside the point, though.

    Anyway, back to the problem at hand, since I've added the WRE54G, the network authentication takes a painfully long time. To the point that my laptop times out attempting to do so. Both of the others will hang in there and eventually get an IP address and work fine, but it takes forever. The room in question gets 3 bars of signal, and I get 2 in the spot where the WRE54G is plugged in, so it shouldn't be a matter of signal loss. Any ideas?

    BTW, the router and repeater are both using stock linksys firmware, and I don't have any problems moving thoughout the areas of the house covered by them.
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