WRT54G antenna diversity with Sveasoft/Sartori firmware

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BeyondBuxton, Jul 26, 2004.


WRT54G: one antenna or two?

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  1. BeyondBuxton

    BeyondBuxton Network Guru Member

    When using the WRT54G, what antenna configuration have people been having success with?

    I purchased 2 WRT54G boxes which I intend to flash with the Sveasoft/Sartori firmware. I understand that that firmware allows for modifying some of the parameters that control antenna use. Before buying/attaching some directional antennas and covering a point-to-point connection of 10kms, I have a question:

    -do I need 1 antenna per WRT54G or 2 for each WRT54G? What I understood of the diversity discussions was that the 2nd antenna was there more or less as a fall-back if the first wasn't getting a good signal?

  2. tungsten2k

    tungsten2k Network Guru Member

  3. BeyondBuxton

    BeyondBuxton Network Guru Member

    Thnx for that Dave.

    2nd question:

    If I put a high-gain, directional antenna on 1 of the connectors, is it possible to use the 2nd antenna connector to add the router to a local mesh? Or do I need a 2nd wrt54g(s) on each end to begin a mesh?


    What real-world gain is there for the WRT54GS over the WRT54G? Is it worth the extra $20 to be +S? Also, is Linksys' +S in any compatible with DLink's "108Mbit" offering?

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