WRT54G - anyone understand this....

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zeropulse, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. zeropulse

    zeropulse Network Guru Member

    Alright, there is something going on with my network connection that i can't quite figure out....

    I have two computers in my house - the family comp and my bedroom comp. The family computer (the one im on now) is connected to our dsl modem via usb cable. The bedroom computer uses a wireless adapter to connect to the wireless router, which is ALSO connected to the dsl modem.

    I know that doesn't make sense.. why wouldn't i just have both computers hooked up to the router, then the router to the modem? Well, i dunno... something is very wrong with this computer's networking ability i guess, and that's the only way we could get it to work.

    Anyways, so a few days ago the damn internet kept disconnecting and having problems, but would fix itself after a while. The other day the internet stopped working.. so I restarted the modem/computers/router. This fixed the family computer, but my personal comptuer is jacked still.

    Here's the odd part...

    My computer says it's still transfering fine with the wireless router - it shows the 54mbps rate (which varies between 24-54mbps), the signal strength (which is very good), etc. Even the 'wireless g' light on the router seems to be lit (kind of dull, so its hard to tell really). So i dont understand what's going on.. if it says it's transfering data, how can it not be connected to the internet?

    Also, if i unplug this computer's direct feed from teh modem, the modem's lights stop blinking and there are only a few lit up.. showing that no data is being transfered.

    I just dont understand how my computer and the router can show data is beign transfered, but nothing is happening.

    Any ideas? (sorry for the long read... when you're able to type fast, you type exactly what your thinking)
  2. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    Well, are you using PPOE? If yes, than just either one of your computers may be using the internet at a time. Since it's a point-to-point protocoll.

    Anyways, try to hook up your DSL modem to one of your WRT54G LAN (NOT WAN) ports and try setting up the DSL connection on you bedroom PC.

    That way, the WRT54G just passes on the modem's data to your wlan. Try if that helps!
  3. zeropulse

    zeropulse Network Guru Member

    Alright, i'll mess around with that idea...

    in the meantime, incase this helps anyone figure out what's wrong:
    upstairs, on my xp machine (this is ME...) when i bring up the list of available networks, it shows 3 - one of them is mine. So it seems to me that the wireless router is set up fine to this computer and the internet, and that it's transfering it's signal fine.

    However, when i try to connect to it - aside from taking about 3 minutes to do this - it says it is either partially connected or not connected at all. Something like that... and it says the reason being is because my upstairs pc was not assigned an IP address.

    Does that help some my mystery at all?

    When it asked for my network key when i tried to connect i used one that i generated about 4 months ago, the first time i set this up... so maybe i need to generate new ones?
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    so wait i am really confused. here is what i think your network setup is

    router))))))wireless(((((((bedroom comp right?
    fam comp right???
    your problem is that the router says it is that your bedroom comp says it is connected and is passing info but your can not connect to the internet?
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