WRT54G as access point?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by RMSe17, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Hi, I am interested in setting up a Linux box as my router, and then using WRT54G as a switch for both wired and wireless networks. I would like the DHCP server to run on my Linux box, and have the WRT54G just act as a passthrough device (my guess this is what is called access point?). Is that possible?

    cable modem----Linux Router Box-x-x-x-x-WRT54G (not the Internet port)

    My guess is that it is, and I should just turn off the DHCP server in the web interface of the WRT, and then plug it into my Linux router box by the regular port (as opposed to the one that is separated and is called Internet) with a crossover cable. Then my hope is that both wired and wireless clients would just see the Linux Router Box as the only router. I dont know if that is really possible, but I hope it is, cause otherwise I guess I would be stuck with buying a new switch and a WAP54G.


    If you have a suggestion for which Linux/OpenBSD/FreeBSD that I should use as my base for "Linux Router Box" please do tell. As well as which services are the best for this kind of a project. My interest is to have the standard things like NAT, Port Forwarding, Firewall(somethign configurable based on hardware port, connection port, IP source and dest, application?), QOS (Defined by port, and type of service, and ability to allocate % of bandwidth with ranking of importance), Web Admin would be cool too. I would also like to toy with an idea of WebCache and a File Server, maybe an addition of proxy server... I am thinking 800MHz P3 with 512Mb, and 120Gb HDD (I have all that already).
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    Hi RMSe17,

    Yes, all that and more is possible. In fact I've installed that exact setup at my Dad's house. I used Smoothwall Express 2.0 because that's the firewall I'm familiar with (I'm a regular in the community forum).

    It does most of what you want and more in its basic form, while other features like HTB QoS and advanced firewall control have been added by the active community of 'Homebrew' developers, with professional looking additions to the web-GUI. There is a mod for a Samba file server but it's not well supported because it's one of those features that is rather frowned on by the community - the consensus is that it doesn't belong on a firewall.

    Your hardware is more that adequate but you may find your large HDD is wasted in a firewall.

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