WRT54G as access point?!?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by slawnick, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. slawnick

    slawnick LI Guru Member

    I thought I was pretty computer savvy. Then I tried to enter the world of networking, and now I feel like idiot. But one must press on. SO:

    My current setup is dsl modem run into a Dlink wired router on the 2nd floor with two computers wired to it. One long ethernet cable run to a switch on the first floor, which connects two more computers. Just acquired a new laptop (Vista) with wireless card that will be used on the first floor. I bought a WRT54G, thinking I would connect it to the switch, thus giving better wireless coverage to the first floor by being closer than if it replaced the Dlink router on the 2nd floor.

    Having no success doing this, I went to the internet to find the answer. Well, I seem to have found many, and I'm trying to figure out which to use. It seems like a good solution would be to plug the run from the dlink into a lan port on the WRT54g. I get the idea turning off of DHCP and assigning a static ip to the WRT54G. But how do I do that configuration? Go through the Dlink's config panel? Do I need to plug the laptop into the WRT54g to configure it for wireless?

    Is the Linksys Easy Advisor of any use in this? What computer should I run it on?

    Or should I just bag the Dlink, replace it with the WRT54G, and find some way to boost the signal to the first floor?

  2. danix71

    danix71 LI Guru Member

    Just plug the WRT in one of LAN ports of the switch or router. You don't have to change anything on D-Link router just on WRT's web configuration. Sorry that I'll give the example in tomato but works as well (setting the static IP) in original firmware. So: the WAN port of WRT goes into one of LANs ports of your switch. Then you set "no DHCP" into WRT and static IP (one that is included into the range given by D-Link). That's all. Of course you'll have to enable wireless AP.

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  3. slawnick

    slawnick LI Guru Member

    Many thanks! I will try to implement what you have described. I esp. appreciate the pics.
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    The above will work but if you want the wireless clients on the same subnet (network) of the router you will need to plug the lan side of the wrt into the switch or use the long cable run that you have now going to the switch, to the lan of the wrt instead. Now before plugging everying together connect first to the lan of the wrt, you will be given an ip of 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x. Connect to the webpage at the default gateway address you are assigned (most likely .1). Once connected to the webpage of the router turn off dhcp, assign the static ip you want to the router and then turn on wireless and configure it however you want. Once all of your settings are set, save it and then plug the router in as described above. Then you can set you wireless client on vista to match the settings on the router and you should be good to go. You can always post back if you are having any issues.
  5. slawnick

    slawnick LI Guru Member

    Attached is a pic of the Linksys control panel; one computer is running into lan #1, and nothing else is hooked to it. Unfortunately this is as far as I got. I changed the Internet connection type to static IP; what should go in the Internet IP Address (in this pic it's the DLink). Under Network Setup, the Router IP is set to the WRT IP. I tried many combinations, like assigning to the wrt, and leaving the Internet IP blank. Then with the DLink in the Internet IP. The more often result is it kept asking me to fill in at least one DNS. So I tried putting either numbers into the Static DNS 1; but then I would get another error message. Does there need to be anumber in the Gateway; maybe the DLink IP?

    Arrgh. If you could tell me what #'s to plug in where, I'd be mighty grateful.
  6. scaredwitless

    scaredwitless Network Guru Member

    You really don't want to be doing much with the connection type. Basically that all has to do with the WAN port. And unless you're running the long cable to the WRT's WAN port (which I wouldn't recommend because then you'd have a double NAT siituation) you basidccally just want to disable the internet connection if possible. I't's been a long time since I've use the stock linksys firmware so I don't know what options are presented to you there. (I use Tomato which has a disabled option you can choose which then also lets you set the gateway and DNS addresses to your main router). The IP that you're concerned about changing here is the one called "Local IP" that's the router's LAN IP. So if your Dlink is for example you might want to set the WRT to under local IP.

    Turn off the DHCP server on the WRT as you seem to already have done. Set the wireless SSID to the same SSID that the D-link has. But make sure the D-link and WRT are on different channels (at least 5 channels apart so 1, 6, or 11) are the most commonly used. set up this way your laptop will seamlessly roam between the two routers depending on whichever gives it the strongest signal strength at any given moment.

    So as I said nothing should be plugged into the WAN on the WRT, all on the LAN ports.

    Another thought: If you want instead of plugging the WRT LAN to LAN with the switch you could actually replace the switch entirely with the WRT, just plug all the cables that were in the switch into the WRT's LAN ports.

    Another thought: Which version of the WRT do you have? If you have one that runs linux, whether stock linksys firmware or third party, it may be a far stabler router than your D-link with more features (particularly if it can take third party) so if that is the case you may want to consider replacing the D-link with it as main router, and then moving the D-link down to be the access point. (configuring it basically how we've been discussing but of course having to figure out how to do it in the D-link GUI). If your WRT is version 5 and above and therefore running vxworks, well unless you decide to try installing the DD-wrt mini firmware on it I don't see any compelling reason for it to take the D-links place. Unless of course you jsut like it better.

    Best of luck.
  7. slawnick

    slawnick LI Guru Member

    Thanks to the efforts of you good people, I felt like I had all the info I needed, and gave it another shot. Attached is the image of the wrt webpage. The problem now is this: the gateway (Dlink) is (as always). I was going to assign to the wrt; but when I try to save the changes, I get a message "WAN ip address is same with the LAN ip address. Please recheck". It won't save the changes unless the gateway is xxx.xxx.0.x and the wrt is xxx.xxx.1.x. (It also insisted that one of the static DNS slots must be filled in).

    Finally I just saved with ip #'s that it would accept, and hooked up everything else. To my amazement the connection actually appeared briefly on the laptop, but I could never actually make the connection work to get online. Then it shortly disappeared from the list of available connections.

    As the frustration builds, I'm wondering if I would I have better luck if I went with the WAP54g Access point?:confused:

  8. scaredwitless

    scaredwitless Network Guru Member

    I think your problem is that you're still setting the internet connection to static IP and giving it a 192.168.0.x address. The error is telling you that you've setup your WAN and LAN in the same subnet and that is not allowed---I think. As I said previously you the static IP setting that you have set is for the WAN only. You don't want to set this unless you have the WAN connected to LAN on the D-link, in which case as I also said you get a double NAT, and I believe in that situation the two have to then be in different subnets (i.e. 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x). Look through the options in the dropdown for the "internet connection type" which you currently have set to static IP and see if it lists a "disabled" if it does--try that. If it doesn't well list out the options you do have here, and we'll see which would be best.

    Again, good luck.
  9. ocvicious

    ocvicious Guest

    need setup wizard 4 WRT54G v5.

    hi i have a linksys WRT54G v5. well it was given to me long time ago but they didnt give me the CD rom to install it...i try looking on the web to see if i could download the setup wizard..but no luck i was wondering if anyone knows where i could get the setup wizard...i all ready try Linksys.com but they dont seem to have it...plz help thx
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