WRT54G as PXE boot server (need more complete tftpd)

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by IlyZ, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. IlyZ

    IlyZ Network Guru Member

    I would like to use WRT54G to boot a server connected to it using PXE.

    I already found that I can add

    option tftp <ipaddress>
    option bootfile <mybootfile>

    to the DHCP server config.

    Now, I would like to use wrt54g as tftp server as well. I believe that the tftpd provided with wrt54g is not a "full" version. Where do I get a full version binary or source to compile (and how do I compile it so it runs on the linksys device.

    Thank you.

  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Maybe these will work. See here for instructions on how to use OpenWRT packages on DD-WRT.
  3. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    Is there plan to make the webserver in DD-WRT more user friendly? No need to telnet in and install these "packages"? In other words, make it GUI? All I really need is for the WRT54G host a few webpages with a few small gifs. It seems way overkill using a full-blown computer to host this website using IIS or Apache. I mean the potential for DD-WRT to do this on a WRT54G is there, right? Not impossible given the hardware resource limits of the router and the 3MB limit of the stock Linksys FW that can host a third party FW?
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