WRT54G as Repeater without WDS?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by arb1t3r, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. arb1t3r

    arb1t3r Guest

    Ok, I have a question here.

    I have a wireless router that is connected to my cable modem that is my access point my AP(this router does not support WDS). My Desktop(has a wireless card) is too far from the AP to pick up any signal. So I purchased the Linksys Wireless Range Expander, which i believe is the WRE54G. Well the Range Expander is getting ready to crap out. It only picks up the AP sometimes when u hit the auto config.

    I also have a WRT54G wireless router that has the sveasoft firmware on it. Is there anyway to use this is a Wireless Repeater without the WDS, because my desktop cannot be hard wired in without running 100ft of cable. OR could I get a second WRT54G and hard wire the second WRT54G into the 1st one and set the 1st one to the client mode(to connect to the AP that is connected to my cable modem)? While using the second one as the AP for my desktop?
  2. jlowery7

    jlowery7 Network Guru Member

    Do some searching in the forums on setting the WRT54G in client mode.
  3. bluebox

    bluebox Network Guru Member

    If you just want Internet, you can INSTALL BLUEBOX on your router to do it all automatically...
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