WRT54G - Can access network - but not internet - after power outage

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by JamesNG, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. JamesNG

    JamesNG Guest

    I recently upgrade the firmware in my Linksys WRT54G to the latest, and I also upgraded my Comcast service to have them supply my phone. So I now have a Touchstone Telephony modem. And, the power flickered earlier this week. (That's at least 3 variables).

    Whenever the power goes out, I lose internet access. The problem has to be with the router (or router settings) since I have internet access when I connect the Touchstone directly to one of the computers on the network. The first time (last week), I tried things forever and couldn't get them to work until I downloaded and installed and ran the Linksys auto-connect software. It "found" an internet connection and things seemed to work fine after that. Yesterday, the power flickered again and this time the Linksys auto-connect software can't find the internet feed.

    The router will "see" the right IP address after doing a release and renew but doesn't apparently pass them on to the computer. I've tried setting the computer to DHCP and a static IP address and just cannot get internet access.

    I've also cloned the computer MAC address in to the router, but without success.

    I've unplugged the Touchstone modem and have also reset the modem with a paperclip (since it has a battery backup, unplugging it doesn't really do anything). No difference.

    I suppose it's possible the router was damaged when power was lost, but it works fine as a router. All 4 computers on the network can see and access each other (I don't have any wireless devices right now since my daughter and her wireless notebook are OOT for a while).

    Any ideas? I'd love to revert back to an older WRT54-G firmware to see if that fixes things, but I can't find any to download.

    From reading some of these posts, I'll probably try to re-flash with the latest hardware tonight after work, but I would be surprised if that makes a difference.

    TIA (Thanks in advance) to any who respond.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well its sounds like you have determined that the issue is the connection between the router and your isp modem. Have you yet determined if its a DNS issue (can you hit websites via IP)?

    Most phone adapters have a port so you can connect a machine behind it. I would suggest connecting your phone adapter to your cable modem and then connecting your router to the phone adapter. This is an easy test to see if the router is functioning properly. If this does not work as a last resort you can put a static ip on the router, put one on your computer (within the same subnet of the router) and connect them together and see if you can ping the other machine. If so the wan port is good now you have to start looking elsewhere.

    Also as a side note, i have a few routers that have an issue with doing dns as well, so i let them get there ip via dhcp, but i input my isp dns servers statically.
  3. benapgar

    benapgar Guest

    I had this problem off and on, but not due to power outages, and just posted what I think the solution is in another thread. I think this particular problem is caused by corrupted firmware--although the rest of the router works fine.

    I think the firmware in the WRT54G is very dicey and can easily be corrupted by power surges and even just moving the thing around.

    Try disabling WEP and see if you can connect without it. I think you should be able to do it because I think the problem is that the router mistakenly thinks the WEP key your computer is using is incorrect, even though it is correct.

    You should re-install the new firmware (again) and see if that fixes it. I'd say it was corrupted by the power outage. I think there are quite a few things that will *seem* to fix this problem, like installing the Linksys auto-connect software, but it is ultimately a firmware problem in the router.
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