wrt54g client mode problem

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by hidden, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. hidden

    hidden Network Guru Member

    i use a wrt54g to conect to a other wrt54 for internet conection whit Firmware Version: Satori-pre3.7 v2.06.1.7sv
    at port 1 i conected a switch and this works for my pc however if i start a multiplayer game on my xbox the wrt54g client is losing the AP signal untill i reboot the wrt54g client.

    anyone know what to do or has the same problem as me ?
  2. Marsha

    Marsha Network Guru Member

    Your problem is is the way you are using it. It is documented that you can only connect one (1) device to the wrt54 in client mode. If I undetstand correctly, Alchemy will change this and let you create a subnet on the client side, rather than a single ip address.
  3. hidden

    hidden Network Guru Member

    if i setup wds between the ap's can i conect whit more clients ?
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