WRT54G: Computer sees router but no or intermittent Internet connection - solved?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by benapgar, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I have a WRT54G v1.1 and this problem reared its ugly head on a few occassions - seemingly totally randomly and months apart. I think I have finally accurately diagnosed and solved the problem :cool:. The problem, and its seemingly totally random symptoms, completely drove me up the wall on numerous occassions. What I think I have determined actually caused the problem was nothing I did with my computer or within the router configuration, but instead was caused simply by physically moving the router (which makes you sure the problem involves a signal loss problem, but it doesn't!). Jostling the router corrupts the firmware and causes this problem.

    Platform: Any


    Secure WEP-enabled wireless connections work fine for a long period of time, then, seemingly without a cause, start losing Internet connectivity while retaining a connection to the router. The router can be seen but Internet connection is intermittent or absent. The problem gets worse when you move the router around, instead of better.

    Direct ethernet connections successfully connect.
    Unsecure wireless connections successfully connect.

    Connectivity is irregularily re-established or lost.
    Connectivity is often lost during periods of inactivity.
    Connectivity is never lost during periods of high traffic (online games, for instance)
    Connectivity is sometimes established during periods of inactivity.
    Connectivity is sometimes established when online software is opened or closed
    Connectivity is sometimes established and symptoms improve when computer is placed closer to router
    Connectivity is sometimes established upon disabling/re-enabling network card, or re-installing network card drivers.
    Connectivity is sometimes established upon restarting computer
    Connectivity is sometimes established upon reconnecting to the router
    Connectivity is sometimes improved by using static/manual IP addresses.

    Cause of symptoms:

    Router is intermittently rejecting the correct WEP key as incorrect and denying Internet access.


    The router's firmware is corrupt and so it often rejects the correct key and no Internet connection can be established. The intermittent symptoms noted above are due to the computer attempting to re-establish the connection, and resending the WEP key.

    Firmware can be corrupted by physically moving/jostling the router, especially while it is still on, power surges, and degradation over time.

    (Mine I believe was corrupted when I moved the router while it was still on--not something I would've thought would corrupt it, and something I forgot about and then blamed signal loss each time! The others I am just assuming are more ways of corrupting the firmware)


    1) Re-install or upgrade firmware.
    2) Firmware is too corrupted and router cannot be repaired.

    If any of you enthusiasts want to try to duplicate it or analyze my diagnosis, that would be good to help other people, or at least satisfy my curiosity if I have accurately diagnosed it (networking and firmware and wireless stuff not really being my thing). Lots of people seem to have this problem, so a detailed diagnosis would help them, especially since if the firmware is toast it is possible that it is not a fixable problem.

    For any one that wants to duplicate this problem, if you are willing to make a possible sacrifice of your router, drop or shake the router while it is still on. The symptoms listed should begin to appear, irregularily, becoming worse over time.
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