WRT54G Configuration via Portforwarding

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by actoso, Sep 27, 2007.

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    I've got another dificult setup, maybe you can explain better than Linksys-Support, why this isn't working.

    I've got a WRT54G with Thibor 15c, let's call him Bob, configured with a portforwarding for port 80. The destination adress of the forwarding is the LAN-IP of a second WRT54G, Dean, (his WAN-Port is not in use). My idea was, if I can configure Dean with a Notebook connected to the LAN between Bob and Dean, why shouldn't it be possible to configure it via portforwarding from Bobs WAN.

    So I have the following scenario:

    Laptop - LAN1 - WAN Port Bob - Portforwarding Port 80 - LAN Port Bob - LAN2 - LAN Port Dean - Webinterface of Dean (- WAN Port Dean not in use)

    After some testing which only resulted in Timeouts on the Laptop, I've now got two Ideas, what the Problem might be.

    1.) Dean doesn't acept requests coming in via his LAN-Port, if the networkpackages origin is not LAN2 but LAN1. Maybe thats a Firewall- or Remote-Access- or Alien-Feature I can configure somewhere?

    2.) Dean is not a normal Webserver, so he doesn't use Port 80 or 8080 or whatever... But what is he then? And why is it possible to configure him from inside LAN2??

    I know this seemes wired, but anyone got any ideas?

    Greetings Toso
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