WRT54G - Connection drops frequently

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Biggo, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Biggo

    Biggo Network Guru Member

    I have an annoying problem with my wireless router WRT54G. I purchased it about 2 months ago and it has been working fine until a couple days ago. Suddenly the connection drops down to like 1.0 Mbps, and it also drops out totally. Usually it drops down to a very low speed and then goes back up to 54 again. This is totally unaccaptable. The connection WAN connection is also very slow.

    I also have another PC connected directly to the router through cable. This computer has no problems. I get my maximum WAN-speed.

    I'm using a laptop with the Intel/Pro Wireless 2200BG. I experienced som trouble with this card. I got bluescreen when I used P2P-programs and online gaming. I updated this driver som days ago and the bluescreen-problem was gone. But then I got this connection problem.

    I think this connection problem started the day after I updated the driver for the wireless card. But it might actually have started the same day. I didn't use the laptop that much that day.

    I downloaded the latest firmware for the WRT54G only few days after I purchased it. The firmwareversion I have on the router is 2.02.7.

    As I said, the router worked perfectly fine for two months before it suddenly started this crap, and it happen right after I updated the driver for the Intel Wireless 2000BG card.

    I have searched on the web for this problem, but I haven't found anything about issues with the new driver for the Intel-card. But it seems like frequently drop-outs for the WRT54G is a common problem.

    Any solutions to this?

  2. jamie3

    jamie3 Network Guru Member

    im having the same problem with my linksys wireless-G nic.

    and i've tested it on two different routers, same problem. im running the WRT54-GS
  3. mg_slo

    mg_slo Network Guru Member

    seems like this isn't a rare problem at all ;)

    I get dropped mid poker games all the time, it usually reconnects within a minute with a ton of refreshing and tweaking on my part, but often too late.. would love to hear a solution on this one ;)
  4. stighenning

    stighenning Network Guru Member

    I've read that the "Intel Wireless 2000BG" card does have very "up/down" connections... Try using another wireless card instead.
  5. beeblebrox

    beeblebrox Network Guru Member

    Same thing has started happening here. I have that Intel card, and a Motorola, as well as a bargain-basement M$ MN730. Router is Wrt54g w/ Sveasoft Alchemy.

    I believe the disconnects are due to WAP here and the way Windows handles it. I tried the Intel and Motorola utils instead of Wireless Zero Config but it made no difference. I think Windows might lose some part of the card's config after certain crashes or hardware changes because after messing around with retyping the info a dozen times and rebooting it works as normal again.

    Symptoms I've had:

    At startup can't connect to the network until manually disconnecting and connecting a few times, or disabling-enabling the adapter. "Repair" doesn't seem to work, manually disconnecting works better.

    Windows says card connected, signal 100% but router doesn't respond anyway. Then signal drop to 0. Looks like a hardware problem or low signal, but it's definitely a software problem.

    Haven't had this happening when not using WAP or WEP, and up until recently WAP worked fine on all three computers on my network.
  6. kiwi

    kiwi Guest

    I've been noticing the same problems with my setup. WRT54G and the PCI card WPM54G (I think)

    I'm going to try one of the 3rd party firmwares.

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