Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Gert, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Gert

    Gert Network Guru Member

    Hi. I just got my new router but got some problems too.

    The WRT54G disconnects me around once per hour. I tried with the standard firmware, and the newest firmware from linksys homepage. Doesn't worked at all.

    Only one computer is connected (this is the one I'm posting from now). I'm using windows XP with SP2.

    My internet connection is a ADSL 1024/512 with a static IP.

    The only thing that help, is to connect my computer directly to the modem, and after that connect it through the router again. It will work 30-60 min. before i got disconnected again.

    When i get disconnected the Internet led on the ADSL modem turns off after 2-5 min.

    The router also disconnects, when no terminals is connected to the router. Last night it disconnected, and my PC was turned off.
  2. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

    what settings does your ISP use ?

    some firmwares have problems with PPTP in client mode.
    I had same problems for ages, freeman 1.04 fixed them for me.
  3. Gert

    Gert Network Guru Member

    I use a Static IP ADSL connection.

    But problemalso occures when no computers are connected, so the problem is either the router or the modem i think.
  4. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

    what did you set your router to ?
    pppoe, prolly then.

    is your router/modem "always on" ?
    or dial on demand ? heartbeat etc ?

    check your modem brand, most have a web interface for setting some parameters.

    maybe your telephone line is kinda in a bad shape and causes discos.

    but the fact that it works thru your PC, suggests otherwise.
  5. Gert

    Gert Network Guru Member

    It's always on, and not pppoe.
    I use a standard dsl with static IP.

    Modem brand is Siemens Speedstream 4100, but i could't find any web interface.
  6. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

  7. Gert

    Gert Network Guru Member

    The reason why i use Static, is because automatic DHCP doesn't work. The router can't renew the IP from my ISP's DHCP server.

    Nut yes, i got a static IP, and i living in Denmark.
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