WRT54G disconnecting problem with IBM Client access software

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mobassir, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. mobassir

    mobassir Network Guru Member

    Dear forum experts

    One week ago I installed more then 4 Linksys WRT54G Routers (one on each floor), and then after a week they start complaining that they facing Disconnections problem with their network application from all clients.

    Here is detail of Routers and their network

    Router: WRT54G
    Ver: 3.1
    Firmware ver 4.00 (also tried latest available on Web
    Release Version: 4.20.7)

    Wireless card: Linksys PCI WMP54 with default driver

    Server: IBM i-series AS/400
    Software Client Access Ver:- 5.5

    Switches Cisco
    Wireless clients: 9 to 12 on each floor

    Note: these all routers are working as only wireless access points instead of Router and connected from router's LAN port to their network with UTP backbone.Problem and working detail

    All wireless Pc’s during running network application (IBM Client Access) which Runs in the internet browser, its status goes disconnect and stop working. But all other wireless working works fine and same time when application status goes disconnect, the ping request was successfully working with router and also
    all other working like internet browsing, email and file and print sharing etc.
    But from the wired Pc which are connected with same server and same network switch as wireless pc’s are working fine, these pc’s has no disconnection problem.

    What I tried:

    1- I checked it with replacement of WRT54G with new one.
    Result Same
    2- Also tried latest available on Web Release Version:
    3- Tried different wireless network adapter with different
    driver versions. Result Same
    4- Finally I replaced it with WAP54G now its working fine
    with all wireless Pc’s

    So Linksys support says that “possibly the problems arised because the routers have NATs and could be conflicting with each other. It can happen to wireless clients as they communicate through air and needs authentication to get into the network. As for the WAP54Gs, they are only wireless pass throughs and no firewall or NATs are running so the clients are not experiencing the drop offs.’
  2. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Wireless roaming.

    The first thing is that printers and webpages are working like a non-continues connection, your "telnet" needs a continues connection. For telnet type of operation, you need a to choose same channel and same mode.

    Furthermore: the wrt54g has loopback enabled, this service must be shutdown, when you like to use your router as an "real" AP. The standard firmware can't do that (bridge mode instead of gateway mode), for this you need the wap54g.

    I hope it answers you questions,
  3. mobassir

    mobassir Network Guru Member



    Thanks for your quick response, can you please further guide me that where is that loopbak option.
    And which firmware does u recommend for this issue.

    Another confirmation that Linksys sad if we try to use any other firmware on their device the warranty will be avoid, and these firmware information will be store in specific chip in all Linksys devices, so they will know that customer used any third party firmware even we claim that router with original Linksys firmware.

    Is that true?

  4. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member


    The Loopback() function is an internal service run by the gateway/router, most bridges/routers don't have this function, but the wrt54g does.

    When you load a custom firmware loopback can be disabled.

    I don't think that Linksys can see (easy) which firmware has been loaded before when it is overwritten by a new one, because they flash binary firmware and save and store the configuration file with the same procedure.

    The wrt54g is (only) designed as a gateway and not as a bridge/switch, for this Linksys has other products in their mind.


    PS: Read your privat-mail, there is more info.
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