WRT54G disconnects once after 3 minutes

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MegaByteNL, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. MegaByteNL

    MegaByteNL Network Guru Member


    I recently bought a Linksys WRT54G Version 2 router and 2 WMP54G cards (all EU versions), installled the cards on WinXP Pro machines. I’m using the “Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv†firmware. The router is set-up with WPA-PSK, TKIP encryption, mac-address filtering, using channel 1 and the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC). The WinXP Pro versions are fully up to date. I’m using the latest drivers for the WMP54G. The PC’s are assigned an IP address by the DHCP server of the WRT54G. Approximately 3 minutes after starting the PC’s the network is disconnected for about 30 seconds. Because the SSID is broadcasted the PC’s reconnected automatically. When the SSID broadcast is disabled The PC’s will not reconnect automatically.

    With the Linksys 2.02.7 frimware the problem was similar with the only difference that it took about 5 minutes before the PC’s would reconnect. To speed up the reconnection the re-installing of the WMP54G driver will do the trick but.

    Once the connection is restored the connection doesn’t drop again.

    This is a minor problem but it's annoying me. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Thought this maybe of use if your wireless connections are flakey.

    Use channel 1 6 or 11 first of all (11 being prefered)

    if your wireless devices are all G then if possible set your router to G only. if not set Wireless to B only (inless u have B and G devices)

    If you have just one or two clients enabling frameburst will help. Make sure CTS is disabled.

    Beacon Interval can also be lowered to say 50 and may help The default value is 100. Enter a value between 1 and 65,535 milliseconds. The Beacon Interval value indicates the frequency interval of the beacon. A beacon is a packet broadcast by the Router to synchronize the wireless network
  3. MegaByteNL

    MegaByteNL Network Guru Member

    I have already set the beacon value to 50, no improvement. The reason I'm using channel 1 is because already 2 access-points in my neighborhood are using channel 11 and my WRT54G was trying to connect to them.

    What does frameburts do exactly? CTS is disabled.
  4. dhuelsmann

    dhuelsmann Network Guru Member

    If your have multiple logons on your wireless pc, you might want to consider the following registry change:


    Dave :p
  5. MegaByteNL

    MegaByteNL Network Guru Member

    I do have multiple logins but can you explain a little bit more why this should help?

    By the way; after installing SP2 (UK-version) the problem got less on 1 machine. My other machines run a dutch version of XP and the dutch SP2 is not available yet.
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