WRT54G doesnt support 'VPN' ISPs?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Seven_PRX, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Seven_PRX

    Seven_PRX Network Guru Member


    I have the following situation:

    My ISP requires me to use VPN to dial in to their network to establish my Internet connection.

    This requires me to 'dial' (connect) to their VPN server, and send my username & password in plain text (yes, I know, its stupid ;).

    Anyway, I have checked the different options how u can use the WRT54G to connect to ur ISP, they are DHCP (for cable modems), PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and a bunch of others, but no VPN...

    Does anybody know if I could get it to work, or no chance?

    More information: actually I am connected to my ISPs LAN (wan) with my NIC, I have an internal IP address there. But need to use the VPN to dial into their VPN server to get my internet IP address. They require me to use a username and password for this, which cannot be encrypted.

    Right now I use an old laptop with Win2k3 and Winroute Firewall for this, but would like to replace this with the WRT54G.


  2. Rainey

    Rainey Network Guru Member

    I think you should try and replace your ISP, that connecttion sounds wacked.

    Not clear, Don't you have a modem from the ISP ? is it cable or DSL ?

    The modem should make the connection, if it is DSL then a login in is required and you would use software on your PC if you did not have any router. What software did they give you ?

    This ISP has a non standard login and most routers all work the same and that is no good for you. What dose your ISP tell you to do. Did they seguest a router model ?
  3. Seven_PRX

    Seven_PRX Network Guru Member

    It's no Cable or ADSL.

    We are directly connected the the network of the ISP (so our NIC is in 1 of their switches).

    Only this is their internal network. To get an internet IP we connect ('dial') their VPN server and get an internet IP (they use this for authentication and tracking data usages etc).

    I know it sounds strange, but it's Bulgaria ;) I also live in Amsterdam, and right here use the WRT54 for my Cable modem.

    Anyway, it's almost like L2TP, which the router supports.

    L2TP = a highly secure technology for making remote access virtual private network (VPN) connections across public networks such as the Internet.

    Only problem is, I need to use VPN, and even send my pw as plain text (I guess they figure they don't need security cause I'm on their internal network).

    Does anybody know it would work with VPN, or if there are some add-ons for some alternative firmwares which would make it possible to dial into VPN?

  4. humsafar

    humsafar Network Guru Member

    Try PPTP and set the IP as the one they have given (for there internal network) you and the gateway as there VPN Server IP. Also in the username field try username@VPNServerIP.
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