wrt54g download speed issue -V4.0

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jaypb, Nov 29, 2005.

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    Just curious if ANYONE can point me in a logical direction to figure out what has happened to my router/DSL connection. The firmware version i have is v4.0 and the router has been in service since July with nary a hitch.

    I currently have 2 laptops with wireless network cards hooked up as well as 2 desktop's that are hardwired to the router. Service is through Verizon DSL (home service not commercial).

    About a week ago I started to notice that my internet browsing/download speeds were pedestrian (last check via pcpitstop.com showed 125Kb/sec connection speed) whereas in the recent past I know it was upwards of 800 kb/sec. These speeds are on both the laptops and desktops.

    I do not lose the connection and my signal strength/quality on the laptops is always good/very good from 48 to 54 mbps...so I don't think the quality of the signal/strength is an issue.

    I am able to send large files over the network locally to each computer with no noticable decrease in speed from the recent past. I haven't changed any settings on the router since I installed it.

    I tried calling Verizon for the last 2 days and both times waited on hold before their "System" disconnected me because the hold time was too long and the automated voice said to "call back". I wanted to take the router out of the setup and just hook the modem up to one of the desktops and try and browse the web in that fashion to "see" what the download speed was like....but I was unable to get the PC to access the web directly through the router...even after renewing/releasing through winipcfg.

    I even went out and bought a new WRT54G....but I don't want to open it/hook it up until I can get Verizon on the phone so I can get the modem hooked up directly to a desktop PC and browse that way to see if the modem is the actual problem.

    Any info/direction would be appreciated.


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