WRT54G drops VPN connection, but only over wireless...??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by skipstocks, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. skipstocks

    skipstocks Guest

    I successfully connect to my company's network via the WinXP VPN client using either an ethernet connection, or a wireless connection to the router. Using an ethernet connection, I stay connected to the VPN for hours. However...

    If I disconnect VPN, disconnect the ethernet cable, and reconnect to VPN using only a wireless connection, the VPN connection drops after a few minutes (like 2 mebbe 3). Internet connectivity stays constant (connected) in both states.

    So far I have attempted:
    - Updating WRT54G's firmware to v3.01.3 from Linksys, no change.
    - Attempted to install Santori firmware from Sveasoft, but upgrade failed (cannot figure out why).
    - Flashed to HyperWRT (successfully), still no change.
    - Changed MTU to 1492 based on advice from another forum, no change.

    Grateful for any suggestions!!
  2. carmiFR

    carmiFR Guest

    deconnexion of wrt54g wrt54gs

    set in wireless/advanced settings :

    beacon interval = 50
    frag thresold = 2346
    rts thresold = 2347
    xmit > 60

    these info are from linksys hotline !
    it works for me ...

    good luck boys

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