WRT54G drops wireless connection when xfering files

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by jediman, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. jediman

    jediman Network Guru Member

    My WRT54G drops wireless connection when xfering files.
    Hardware version I belive is 2.2.
    Using the latest 3rd part hyperWRT firmware from the site here, and the darn thing STILL drops connections whenever I do medium to large file transfers. I'm talking maybe like a gig at a time or less?
    The router also seems to lose sync and I'm not sure whats going on but my wireless card in my laptop jumps from my extender which makes no difference if present or not when xfering files, to the connection on my router itself sometimes. Either that or its losing sync with the router. I'm kinda getting tired of the darn router and ready to drop kick its rear end already so I'm hoping someone knows a way to have the router stop freaking out with wireless file xfers??
  2. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    Which HyperWRT are you using? Tofu 9 is the latest and I'm not sure it's on this site yet. You would need to go to the hyperwrt.org forums and do a search for it.

    The old firmwares did have a problem with file transfers so you need to make sure you have a newer one that fixed the issue.
  3. jediman

    jediman Network Guru Member

    Was going to say the default hardware firmware from the linksys factory was just as bad about the file xfering drops. I found something else that says it will fix the problem:

  4. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    That is correct, Linksys issued a firmware a while ago that overclocks the v2.2 to v3.1 routers to 216 vs. the stock 200. That fixes the problem for almost all people with those routers. The latest HyperWRT versions from Tofu do the same thing. The HyperWRT from the front page of the hyperWRT site isn't new enough to have this change, or at least I don't think so. If you got HyperWRT from this site, who knows what you have for sure, they have lots do download and actually Tofu 6.2 should be new enough to have this fix included, and it's on this site under downloads. I'd give it a try and see what happens.
  5. jediman

    jediman Network Guru Member

    Sweet, so my router will be stable at last, I hope.
  6. fracturex

    fracturex Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem here, but I do have tofu v6.2. thought it might be something else, but I guess I'm not the only one. I have excellent connection, however after a file transfer of 1-2Gb the connection drops. I have to manually reconnect to get it going again.

    Not too bad, but looking forward to a fix to this.
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