WRT54G & explicit web site allow (by MAC)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cromrell, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. cromrell

    cromrell Network Guru Member

    I am network admin for office network (approx 80 pcs).
    I would like to use existing WRT54G router 'Access Restrictions' to limit approx 15 pcs to a specific list of websites (5-10 allowed sites).
    The WRT54G 'Access Restictions' allows me to explicitly 'block' sites (4), but does not allow me to explicitly 'allow' sites.

    Q1. Should I upgrade to WRT54GS for Parental Controls features?
    Q2. Is it possible to do explicit allow with WRT54G w/ alternative firmware (w/o loosing my current Linksys features)?
    Q3. Should I leave my router alone & use some other alternative (Proxy Server, Local Application, etc...)

    Thanks for your consideration

    Chris -Linksysinfo.org Newbie

    Office Network
    1.5mbs T1 ISP (ISP provided Cisco 2700)
    WRT54G router -Linksys v3.03.6
    WAP54G wap
    SRW2016 backbone (16xGb)
    5 x EZXS16W switches
    5 x win2000 servers (SQL 2000, Exchange 2003, Terminal 2000)
    15 x winXP
    20 x win2000
    50 x win98SE

    current WRT54G features:
    Wifi -3 users, WEP security + MAC filter
    Access Restrictions -7 profiles identified by MAC addresses
    Port Forwarding -10 forwarding routines
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