WRT54G, file sharing works, but I want to use XP firewall

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jamesavery22, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. jamesavery22

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    Got 3 PCs, 2 wired into the switch and one wireless. I hard to turn off the built in windows firewall on all the computers so they could "see" each other(ping and use windows file sharing). That all works fine now but I want to turn the windows firewall back on. Is having the firewall in the router and the firewall turned on, on the PCs pointless? If not are there some settings on the Windows XP firewall I can set so I can still do file sharing? Dont really understand why introducing the wrt54g causes the PCs to stop seeing each other when it worked fine with a BEFSR41?
  2. jamesavery22

    jamesavery22 Network Guru Member

  3. flowerGuy

    flowerGuy Network Guru Member

    sp2 upgrade

    yes i was having the same problem but i believe the the xp SP2 upgrade allowed me to "punch holes" in my windows firewall that allowed me to use file and print sharing.

    After installing the upgrade i reran network connect wizard and i seem to remember an extra screen that allowed my to configure file sharing with the firewall up...

    good luck!

    - mark
  4. jamesavery22

    jamesavery22 Network Guru Member

    Re: sp2 upgrade

    I already had SP2 when I was using my befsr41. File sharing worked fine with the windows firewall on then. Just replaced the befsr41 with a wrt54g and it stopped then, wouldnt that be a problem with the wrt54g?
  5. shaynes250

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    Re: WRT54G, file sharing works, but I want to use XP firewal

    No, and it's the preferred method: one software & one hardware firewall working in concert. Contrast this with 2 software firewalls that interfere with each other. Use XP's built in firewall until you settle on something you like form a 3rd party vendor. Beware: XP's firewall only protects against inbound attacks. Once infected but before yuo enable the frewall, your computer can start sending spam, and doing other bad things in your name.

    - Sean Haynes
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