WRT54G Gateway Vs. Router

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by KhanHex29, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. KhanHex29

    KhanHex29 Network Guru Member

    WRT54G can be configured as either gateway or router but not both.

    I hoped to have two WRT54G routers in my network. One router would be configured as gateway firewall, the other as router on the network. However, WRT54G configured as gateway will not communicate with second WRT54G configured as router.

    Both routers have original firmware version V2.00.8 loaded. Is there a way to configure router to act as Gateway and router at same time. Any firmware versions, Hacks, linux tools, or configrations that can help.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. KhanHex29

    KhanHex29 Network Guru Member


    However solution to problem was "Don't use the WAN port. You will have to forward the connections you want to get through. I would just use the LAN ports". I want to use the WAN port, otherwise WRT54G is only acting as 4-port hub not a router.

    Here is my setup:

    internet<-->WRT54G(AP)<-->Dlink wireless Bridge<--> High gain directional antena <--> 14 kM distance <--> antenna<--> Dlink wireless bridge <--> WRT54G(router) <--> client's LAN

    I have two WRT54G's seperated by RF link. The above setup works if WRT54G (router) only has cables connected to LAN ports, but becsuse it is acting as 4-port hub, traffic from client LAN on WRT54G(router) is slowing down RF link. I want to route all connections accessing the RF link by connecting antenna to WAN port on router.

    It seems that inorder to have two routers communicate, both have to be set as routers, but the AP router can not acces internet. If AP is configured as gateway, AP can acces internet but not talk to other router.

    Is there a way to set up Gateway and router WRT54G on one network and use WAN ports on both. I was not able to forward ports properly or create static table to solve problem.
  4. kublai

    kublai Network Guru Member

    Consider taking out the dlink's wireless bridge out of the picture ?
  5. KhanHex29

    KhanHex29 Network Guru Member

    The LinkSYS is being used as router and wireless local AP (Access Point). The DLINK is being used to connect to antenna to create wireless bridge between reomote sites.

    I could take the DLINK out, but I would have to connect antenna to the Linksys, which would mean no longer using Linksys wireless connection as Local AP.
  6. mingkee

    mingkee Network Guru Member

    Gateway and Router mode is ACTUALLY RIP mode
    the former is no-RIP, or this router is used as master DHCP server, while the latter is using router to connect the master DHCP server through LAN port
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