WRT54G good with torrents?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Tristan9669, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Tristan9669

    Tristan9669 Network Guru Member

    I currently have a BEFSR41 Version 2 and when I'm torrenting it frequently "over loads" and I lose connection, to restore the connection I have to pull out the power and put it back in. I guess it can't handle torrents. I'm looking for a new router, I want to know if WRT54G routers are good for torrenting and won't drop connection while I'm torrenting.
  2. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    Works fine for me. Using Shareaza having 5-10 Torrents at a time with no problems. Sometimes Emule's running at the same time, too. With QoS it's even possible to still surf the web with connection mayed out.

    So I'd presume my answer is: yes, it is.
  3. GPhreak

    GPhreak Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G v2.2 and no real problems so far. I tried out some firmware and the worst thing happening was connection loss with instant reboot of the router (no reset or unplugging of cables needed). At the moment I'm using the official 3.03.9 firmware with QoS enabled. QoS seems very important because since I've enabled it I had no more connection problems, a downloadrate of ~25kb/s with 2 torrents and my wife still surfes the web without mourning :)

    Post questions if you need more information, I'll try to help - had the same problem choosing the right router. Bought a netgear rp614v3 at first - horrible -_-
  4. szurlo

    szurlo Network Guru Member

    I have had major issues with heavy traffic (like bittorent) and this router.
    Search this group and the net in general and you will find that many users have had similiar problems with this router.
    The common symptom, and this is what mine does, is that you will suddenly lose all connectivity between the LAN and WAN sides of the router. The LAN side still works, however. Basicly it stops being a router and just acts like a switch :(
    At this point I am also unable to access the routers config page. And it's not just heavy down stream traffic that seems to do it. I host an FTP server and since getting this router, if too much heavy upstream traffic flows for very long the router locks up.
    Only way to resolve it is power cycle it. I have tried three different firmware versions with no help. Currently running beta release 4.00.5. My router verison is 2.2.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Tristan9669

    Tristan9669 Network Guru Member

    thanks, I was just gonna buy a netgear rp614v3 the other day.
  6. Tristan9669

    Tristan9669 Network Guru Member

    wow, this is the same exact problem I have with my router right now, how comes some people dont have this issue
  7. GPhreak

    GPhreak Network Guru Member

    I read forum after forum about this topic. It seems hopeless, only FLI4L really works with every p2p setting, regardless how much traffic you generate. Draytek seems the second best, but there are still issues and I would be really upset if I bought a router for 120€ (no wlan!) and it still doesn't work the way I want. So I finally came to Linksys. The wRT54G has plenty of firmware available so I have enough options to fiddle with (and wireless lan and more feats than Draytek but a price tag 65€ in my country).
    After some weeks of experimenting I use the setup described above (official 3.03.9, QoS with 80-90% of max. upspread, High prio to eMule and HTTP) and have a average download rate of 25-30kb (yesterday 35 ^_^). Torrent also works great (no special QoS prio), same average downloadrate (but I don't use those two p2ps together).
    And the most important thing: no lockups of the router. With this netgear thing I could'nt dial in from work in my home network after 14:00. This really sucked. Surfing also works great because of QoS. What else could I want for 65€?
    What might be important: my eMule runs from about 06:00 till 22:00, after that I turn of my little airport (athlon :)) and connect my laptop with bittorrent (no noise my wife can mourn about). Next day same cycle - works great for me, really. Sometimes I switch off power supply of the router, but that could also be done by and automatic reset every 24 hours I think (some firmwares like DD-WRT support this).

    Whew, I hope I could help you a bit, for me it was horrible to find out which router could be right for p2p. Everytime I found a router that seemed suitable I found out that the new hardware revision was bullsh*t (so it was with the netgear 614 - the v2 of this router with patched firmware runs great).
  8. noz1380

    noz1380 Network Guru Member

    Bit erratic

    Just logged on because mine is having this problem again. The problem doesn't always run the same course, I've just restared Azureus my torrent prog and it's running fine now. Just odd!! Like the other guy say's. there are meny Firmwares out there, some suit, some don't. You have to test to get the setup you require.
  9. freaky_00

    freaky_00 Network Guru Member

    WOW! Thanks to you Steve!!! You are the first one to describe the problem the way I experience it every day. I haven't read a single post on threads like the wireless dropout thread about the LAN SIDE! Everyone addresses it as a wireless transfer problem. It got better with the 4.50.6 firmware (I have the GS v1.1) but still happens to me. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have torrents running or just chat.

    Mine acts just like yours! Except that it doesn't lock up. It will connect again a couple of seconds. But sometimes it takes minutes. I experience it a lot with high uploads and even with constant high downloads. Just happend when I wrote this reply!!!
  10. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    Maybe there is something about UPNP. Azureus tries to configure a router through upnp and this feature is enabled by default on wrt. I have disabled upnp on wrt because of security issues. So try to disable upnp and forward at least one port (tcp/udp) per p2p-application to the computer running it (and configure your p2p-software to listen on this port). Maybe this could help you.
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