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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by TimCoop3r, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. TimCoop3r

    TimCoop3r Guest

    Ok i just got the WRT54G and I will say i'm not computer illiterate. I say this because i just got off the phone with tech support with a girl i couldn't even understand that was more computer illiterate then my own mother! You could tell she was just reading a list of things to say/do =/

    I know all the bull **** about turning everything off pluging it all back in ect...

    So heres the problem I have everything connected (computer 1 to computer 1 on router) router pluged in and modem working just fine. The thing is my router and computer will not communicate. My router reads that there are 4 computers pluged in when theres just one and that is the only thing that i see wrong. besides my computer not recognizing its connected to a router(green and yellow lights)

    I'm sorry if I'm rude or not making sense I'm just annoyed that i spent an hour on the phone with tech support for them to tell me to call my isp

  2. basic

    basic LI Guru Member

    If the green and yellow leds don't light up, the problem is probably your networkcable...

    IF the leds do light up and you're still unable to connect to your router, check the IP-addresses of both computer and router and make sure both devices are configured to be in the same subnet.
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