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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Harveyw, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Harveyw

    Harveyw Network Guru Member

    I have just bought a WRT54G router. I am trying to set up my home network.
    I have 2 home computers on ethernet connections - these I have networked together fine and can shair files etc. How do I add my laptop which is using a wireless connection to make a 3 computer Network?
  2. DevilStick

    DevilStick Network Guru Member

    Since the wireless 'port' is bridge to the ethernet ports, you just have to configure wlan properly.

    Check out which standard your laptop wlan card supports (802.11b or 802.11g = 11MBit or 54MBit) and what kind of encryption it supports (WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA,...).

    Then activate wireless on the wrt54g, set wlan mode to 'G-only' if your card supports it or to 'mixed mode', when it is 11Mbit. Enable SSID broadcasts, set a channel and no encryption.

    Activate your wlan card and connect to the SSID of your router. Either you use dhcp for address assigment or you have to set a static one on your wlan card.

    When this works, you should set up encryption (WPA-PSK AES preferred). The shared key used on the router and wlan card must be the same.

    When this works, you can 'hide' your network by disabling SSID broadcasts.

    Now you should be able to talk with your wired clients.
  3. Harveyw

    Harveyw Network Guru Member

    Thank you very much it is working fine now!
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