WRT54G -- How much throughput?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mobiler, Aug 19, 2004.


How much actual average throughput do you get from your WRT54G?

  1. 0 - 1 Mbps

  2. 1 - 2 Mbps

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  3. 2 - 5 Mbps

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  4. 5 - 10 Mbps

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  5. 10 - 15 Mbps

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  6. 15 - 20 Mbps

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  7. 20+ Mbps

  1. mobiler

    mobiler Network Guru Member

    Ok, let's see... How fast are our WRT54G-based wireless networks running?

    Mine is an outdoor network and I am somewhat dissapointed... 9- Mbps, compared to the 15+ Mbps that I was seeing with D-Link AP. I think I will revert :cry:
  2. corky

    corky Network Guru Member

    i'm a bit confused on exactly how to measure the throughput ?

    i'm using a linksys wrt54gs with the hyperwrt 1.3 firmware and if i ftp a 700 meg avi file to my xbox it takes 8 mins. it's seems to be transferring at approx 1.5 meg/sec. The xbox is wired to the router, but then wireless to my pc.

    Is this normal or not ?
  3. mobiler

    mobiler Network Guru Member

    According to my experience, the speed you are getting is quite normal, considering that you are talking about an indoor wlan.
  4. niTz

    niTz Network Guru Member

    you may get faster thruput with a dlink ap but, i got my 2100 ap as a swap from dlink cause of reboots probs with the 624 rotuer the ap does the same thing im thinking about getting a netgear router and just using it as a over priced switch for the thruput
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