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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Tired, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Tired

    Tired Network Guru Member

    Firstly hello to all, I have recently purchased a linksys WRT54G broadband router and i have setup a small home network consisting of 2 pc,s. One pc is connected via ethernet cable whilst the other pc has wireless access. What i would like to do is limit the time the wireless pc has internet access, so i went to configuration page and selected access restrictions from the top menu and made a policy. When the time for the policy to kick in arrived i went to the wireless pc and tried to access the web and its a no-go, great i thought. I then changed the policy time but now i started the wireless pc,s browser before the policy time started but this time it doesnt stop internet access, as in throw me of the net. Can anyone tell me why it isnt doing so, its a bit pointless if it doesnt. Ive looked at some of the 3rd party firmware but to be honest im a real novice with the router thing and apart from not knowing what firmware to use i also dont want to cock the router up. Its not just the inconveneance its voiding the warranty, which something tells me in the back of my mind is 3yrs in the uk. Although looking through the linksys paper work that accompanied the router i cant seem to see it in writing, can anyone confirm that it is 3yrs, thanks. So is there a way round this access problem using linksys firmware or does it have to be 3rd party stuff. The two features i would like are access restriction and being able to limit the bandwidth the wirelss pc has. Any help appreciated.

  2. ALT3R

    ALT3R Network Guru Member

    I think you don't need to mess the router. Just put a firewall on the wireless PC and create there a rule to block internet access from time A to time B. Since probably you already have a firewall there, just make the appropriate settings.
  3. Tired

    Tired Network Guru Member

    Its an interesting suggestion, i dont know if it would be possible though. But its certainly worth looking in to, cheers.
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