WRT54G installation error: "Error not message receiver

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by coronos, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. coronos

    coronos Guest

    I just installed a WRT54G. Well. . . mostly.

    After the "Check Router's Status" page, the Setup Wizard displayed the message "Checking Computer Settings" for a few seconds, then went on to the "Configure Cable or DHCP Settings." Then an error message popped up: "Error not message receiver !!" I clicked "OK" (the only option) and continued with the setup. A few screens later, when it tried to verify the connection to the internet, it wasn't able to, and I had to exit the installation.

    I reset the modem, router, and PC several times, in various orders, and ran the setup program a few times, always with the same result.

    I'm guessing this is related, though I don't know: when I opened my browser and entered the router's IP, only part of the web-based utility showed up. I got the blue background with the "Linksys" logo, and some of the settings in their boxes (e.g. the user-assigned router name, the IP address, and a few others), but none of the labels for those boxes (e.g. "Router Name", "IP Address") and no tabs or buttons.

    Does anyone know what that error message means? If fixing that lets me connect through the router, the installation will complete, and (I hope) also fix the web-based utility.

  2. impalas

    impalas Guest

    Same thing

    I have the same problem ... althogh ( weird ) I can browse the Web without problems, I mean, setup changed my settings from a fixed Ip to DHCP, the router lets me surf the Web, but the application cannot check my connection. Any idea ?
  3. marekj1

    marekj1 Guest

    Exactly the same problem here. Web-baswed utility shows up only in part. I can connect to the internet OK. Just can't modify anything.
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