Wrt54g isn't working when I send to him firmware... help

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by gucio120, May 31, 2005.

  1. gucio120

    gucio120 Network Guru Member


    I'm know, that my english language is not great and I'm sory for that, but if someone will understand what was happend to me and he will know somethings to helpd I will be very grateful.

    I have buy wtr54g, and i can't load to him a new firmware.
    I can load to him only freifunk firmware (openwrt...bin) and he working fine but when i try load to him another firmware like sveasoft, satori 4.0G, Freeman Basic, he don't working.
    From tftp only the freifunk load to him and he restarting him and working.
    I tryed load from tftp fremanbasic, and he load him to router (the lan is blinking ver fast) but
    after loading the power and DMZ is blinking all time.
    When I load to him the satori or another firmware he don't want to take him. It's writeing somethings about header, I don't know what it's means.
    And when I want to load a firmware like satori from openwrt software (page router) he loading him to router but after loading the power and DMZ is too blinking all the time..

    If someone can help me I please for answer ....
    it's very important fo me...

    Thanks for any help

  2. cybero2912

    cybero2912 Network Guru Member

    this is how I get back from Freifunk to another firmware:
    1. reset freifunk to defaults
    2. upload linksys original firmware via webinteface
    3. wait
    4. use reset button to "clean up" and get the linksys defaults (press for 30sec)
    5. start into linksys webinterface
    6. flash the firmware you want to try next

    this worked for me - important was point 4. (because after flashing there was still the Freifunk webinterface startpage)

  3. gucio120

    gucio120 Network Guru Member

    There is one problem. I don't know why but the reset button don't working. Its' working when I try to restart the router. Technical it's working but maybe is turned off. How can I turn him in??

    Thanks for help
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