WRT54G Load balancing? Wired ports vs wireless clients?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Mars2005, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Mars2005

    Mars2005 Network Guru Member

    Not sure how to describe this in the title shortly.

    Anyway: changed ISP recently (DSL to Cable, don't ask...) and the setup in the house changed slighty. One desktop connected through wired LAN, the other one wireless.

    If the wired PC is downloading stuff (torrents...) the wireless can hardly get any connection to the internet. Even if I limit the bandwidth in the torrent application, the priority seems to be on the wired ports, hence limiting the wireless client(s) in proper us.

    In the old situation, the PC were connected the other way around. (Wired and wireless was exchanged between them). Never had serious problem with connection speed on either of them.

    Is there anything I can do the prevent/manage this?
  2. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    I suggest flashing your router with DD-WRT and then enable QOS and give Bulk priority to your P2P downloads. Works perfect for me :)

  3. Mars2005

    Mars2005 Network Guru Member

    Late yesterday I realized that the biggest difference in setup was that in the DSL-period, I used the WRT54G only as an access point. This because my DSL modem was doing the DHCP and stuff. All was connected through the LAN ports.

    Now with the Cable modem, which is basically just a bridge, I fully use the router and the WAN port. Hence I needed to shape the traffic. The basic QoS settings on the WRT54G are sufficient for the time being. I promoted my wife's PC to high priority so that she can surf the web and do her mail undisturbed by my futzing with the network...

    For future use I will look at the alternative firmware!
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