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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by oss279, Dec 24, 2008.

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    I am using WRT54G v7 (Firmware: v7.00.1, May. 4, 2006) original one.I am facing issues of Request time out to default gateway (WRT54G) from any wired or wireless client after certain amount of time and load.Only one Ethernet port wired connection is in use whereas 4-5 wireless clients.

    I constantly ping the router and then continued on with adding wireless users,
    1. Initially only one wired user was connected to ethernet port 2.Every thing is working fine,including pinging, browsing and downloading.
    2. First wireless user connected to AP and is able to access files shared on wired user and starts to copy it.
    3. Response from router monitored on wired client begins to show some delays (in millisecond; from =1ms to ~20ms)
    4. Second wireless user enters and starts to download and surf the web.
    5. Delays continues with little bit addition,
    6. For a minute or more, the Router shows Request time out and doesnot responds any more.
    7. Wired user able to access internet and wireless clients also can do all the normal stuff except any user (wired or wireless) CANNOT ping the Router!
    8. Wireless clients Disconnect, still the issue persists
    9. This process continues on till the router is given HARD reset

    Can anyone guide me in this regards? I was more like relying on this wireless router and thinking that it would complete all my requirements:(
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