WRT54G - Max downspeed via ethernet ports, 20mbit/sec?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ejoakim, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. ejoakim

    ejoakim Network Guru Member


    I've been testing the speed capacity using a testing software called TPTEST.

    When running the test and having my PC connected by wire via my WRT54G router I get a maximum download rate of 20mbit/sec.

    But when I then do the same test not using the router at all, and instead connecting my PC directly to the ethernet socket on the wall I get a download rate of 41mbit/sec.

    Is the WRT54G on capable of handling ~20mbit/sec downstream?

    nb, i've turned off routing, firewalls etc... My ISP provide 100mbit to me.
  2. biner

    biner Network Guru Member

    You can test it with two PCs,one pc connect to wan,and another pc connect to nic1.

    Then run the test. You can see a difference result.
  3. Mathias

    Mathias Network Guru Member

    As you can read here in a review of the WRT54G, 20Mbit/sec is about the maximum routing speed for this router between two networks. The review is about version 1.0 of the WRT54G, and I'm not sure if the 75MHz speedbumb from the 2.0 and up versions provide better routing performance.

    Then again, as stated in the review, this is a routing product aimed at joe sixpack with a 1Mbit/s connection, and you should look into professional routers by Cisco, 3com and HP to get the full 100Mbit routing performance. BTW, where do you live ? Over here in the old Europe, 20Mbit/sec connections are about the maximum an end-user can readily order. Then again, if you see that for $215 a month, Hong Kong users can get a 1Gbit connection to their ISP, 100Mbit seems "normal".

    Oh 28.8 and 33.6kbit days, where are thee ? ;)
  4. ejoakim

    ejoakim Network Guru Member

    Have looked at the review... of course you're right, also got the same info from another source today.

    Living in Sweden, got 100mbit connection at home. When connecting to the internet the down rate varies between 40-60mbit. Paying about 295 SEK / month (~30 EUR) for this service. My ISP will introduce gigabit in a few years they say.
  5. biner

    biner Network Guru Member

    That too fast 8O ,I am in China,I am using ADSL (1Mb).In fact,the really download speed is about 150KB/s.
    I have to pay 150 RMB(~20 USB) a month for that low speed. :(
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