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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by harner, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. harner

    harner Network Guru Member

    I am using the WRT54G as my router, currently no devices are wireless, just occasionally my laptop when i get lazy. There are 3 computers (currently) hardwired to the router. I have DHCP enabled, my primary pc (laptop) being .1 and I forwarded all the ports I needed to play Delta Force 1 (i know, it is old school). I have another machine next to me (dual boot, win98se & redhat 6 atm) that I want to put to use on the web. I can access the internet no problem, I can ping it no probs at all.

    At first, the server machine was under DHCP, but I got a bright idea to make it a static IP @ .200 because I put it in the DMZ as a host. I read that port forwarding the same ports on multiple machines doesnt work, and I have noticed it doesnt work when I tried to get my roommate's pc to play DF1 on the net (can play on the LAN no problem).

    The server hosts the game, but No One on the outside of my network can access it. The only way I can access it is if i connect to it locally. Yet, you can see it in the Delta Force Game Lobby, but if I click on it, no one can enter. I had other people on the outside try as well.

    My question is, how would I be able to play DF1 on the internet with more than one machine in my network? I know it can be done, but this is my second router config i am doing by myself, and my first instance of port forwarding and whatnot. I need some help, thank you.
    If you need to know specs or anything let me know.

    update: putting the server in the DMZ did nothing. I still cannot access the specified ports I need to host the game. If I did not want to play, I could do it no problem, but I want to play on one computer, and host on my server, and play whenever I want to across the internet.
    I know it can be done, and I have too much faith in my linksys router to toss it.
  2. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    Try to get DF to run on different ports on the different machines. An example is Warcraft 3. When my friends and I want to play online we set each computer to use a different port # and then just forward the appropriate port to each comp. See if you can do that with DF
  3. harner

    harner Network Guru Member

    in order for you to do that the program must support multiple ports. DF does, but it uses all three ports in order to play or else it will not work. if there was just one for hosting, one for playing, etc it would be easy, but it needs all three at all times.

    is there not a way to set an acl or something that says to the router that those three ports are to remain open?

    this dmz thing is a joke as well.
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