WRT54G ->netgear WAP, why no increase in signal strength?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Mar 1, 2005.

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    I recently purchased a WRT54g to replace my befsr41 which had been connected to a lousy netgear mr814v2 that worked poorly as a router but was OK as a WAP only. I wanted to take advantage of the WRT54g’s parental blocking features. I discovered that the signal strength of the WRT54g wasn’t as good as in my previous set-up, however. In particular, my teen’s iBook (1 floor above, definitely not line-of-sight) connected v. poorly. The strongest channel (11) was being used by two other neighbors. The channel with no other neighbors (1) gave only an acceptable signal.

    I thought I would solve the problem by running an Ethernet cable from the WRT54G to the old MR814v2 (LAN to LAN port) and placing the latter closer to the teen’s room (same floor, still not line of sight though). I thought I had configured the wireless AP’s identically. The setup was almost identical to what I’d had before except that I now had two wireless AP’s, and the netgear device was actually closer to the teen’s room than it had been before. The netgear device reported being connected to the iBook, the WRT54G and our other laptop on the ground floor, but the signal strength at the iBook wasn’t any better than with the WRT54g alone. Why did the signal strength not improve when I placed the netgear device closer to the iBook?

    (I actually solved the problem by building a couple of “windsurfer†reflectors from cardstock and aluminum foil, sticking them on the new router and pointing them at the 2nd floor, but I would like to know why my first approach didn’t work).

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    You can actually increase the signal level on the WRT54G with upgrading its firmware to a third party firmware. With the new firmware there are new settings to increase the signal level.
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    Thanks. I was nervous about voiding my warranty, so I didn't want to do that.
  4. linksysonline

    linksysonline Network Guru Member

    You could always just flash back to the orginal linksys firmware. I wouldn't worry to much about the firmware voiding your warrenty. I have seen many people flash their BIOS to a third party firmware and then back to get their router covered under warrenty.
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    Also have weak signal with WRT54G

    Actually, I have seen a number of people complaining about weak signal, and I found out that it doesn't help much to increase the power (using HyperWRT fw). Here's the story:

    I recently bought a (low-priced) WKPC54G kit which I found to work quite well. The signal was *superb*, even two (tall) floors below the router!
    However, I sometimes had problems to connect after a reboot of my W2K laptop, so I went back to the store and switched it into a WRT54G v2.0 and a WPC54G combo.

    This seems to be more stable, but the problem is that the signal seems *far* weaker, than with the WKPC54G (even if that only had one antenna). I have tried with several firmware versions, and as said, increased radio power, but it is all the same. As the WRT54G should be a superior router to the WRK54G, how can this be? I almost want to get back the WKPC54G.... (ps. I have tried to change channels too).

    I wonder, is the WKPC54G underrated, or the WRT54G overrated, or am I doing something wrong?
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    the iBook could be in power save mode in which it will drop signal to the routers accwptable sig level the netgear with its small antenna might not have had enough umph to allow this to happen try disabeling power reduction on the laptop.
    i use my wrt54g v2 at about 3 mw and i get it all ove my yard and even on the street about 100 yards away. 3mw so that it will last alot longer and i dont cloud all of my neighbors out. Factory setting is 28mw

    another possible solution is that your neighbors may have changed equipment to something a little more powerful that is causing interference to your setup.

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