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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by meth, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. meth

    meth Network Guru Member

    i just buyed 2 wrt54g and 1 54gs
    the 54gs(originanal firmware) working as Ap without intenet connection in
    the two other 54g working as clients with Alchemy 6.0 at 192.168.10 and each
    from the status on clients i can see the AP signal and mac adress
    but i cant ping neither router neither the other client!
    any sugestions? all of them are in the same subnet mask
    ive tried with the 2 54g between them AP-clent but i have the same problem....
    thank you in advance
  2. joshag

    joshag Network Guru Member

    I am no expert in these matters but I am almost positive that clients cannot exist (be used) on the same subnet. This would require you to use WDS mode. Sveasoft supports WDS and has many "how to" posts. I would also try a different version of Alchemy.
  3. meth

    meth Network Guru Member

    i think that you are right i ll try with diferent subnetowrk,but there are some versions that support clients on the same subnet but i dont know which
  4. bluedog

    bluedog Network Guru Member

    Also, don't know if this will help, but do you have loopback turned off?
  5. meth

    meth Network Guru Member

    ok you were right ! its working now as:
    client 1 :
    client 2 :
    both clients can see the AP but unlike the cant see each other!
    new troubles ,iam sure that something forgot or must set new route rulles on AP
  6. joshag

    joshag Network Guru Member

    Both clients need to be on different subnets.
    ie client 1 =
    client 2 = 192.168.2.xxx
    client 3 = 192.168.3.xxx

    clients will not be able to "see" one another because they are on different subnets.

    My suggestion again is;
    If you want all wrt's to "see" one another, you will probably need to use WDS. This would require ALL wrt's to run some flavor of Sveasoft firmware (Satori and after).
    I do believe that Satori supported a type of briding that will work with client mode to allow all units to communicate.
    BE CAREFUL! Satori came in two different versions. One for the "G" (v1 & v2 not v2.2) and one for the "GS" (ver1 only).

    The only downside to WDS is signal strength. All wired units to "client 2" and "3" will get full signal. Wireless clients will get half signal from 2 & 3.

    Check Sveasoft site for configuration info. Although sometimes hard to find updated posts, allot of people post stickys on these subjects. Some are very good.
  7. meth

    meth Network Guru Member

    Ok ill try to change second client subnet ,but what happening if for example you have 15-20clients and need to"see" each other you must have all of clients in differt subnets?
    the problem is with my hardware is that new version 2.2 and is no satori avaliable ...
  8. joshag

    joshag Network Guru Member

    Client mode only supports wired clients. You will not have wireless access to the client wrt's.

    Best bet is to go to Sveasoft.com, lay down the $20, and use one of the Alchemyversions and use WDS. They can provide much better support than I can.

    If you don't mind using WEP for security than you can use Hyperwrt. I believe there is a patch you can use for WDS.

    Good Luck

  9. meth

    meth Network Guru Member

    the system ..working now with latest alchemy version and
    main AP(wds mode)
    client 1 (AP-WDS mode)
    client 2 ' ' '
    all wds working in LAN mode and not in p2p (why?)
    every client "see" each other
    but that means that if a new client wiil be added in the futere that means will be in WDS mode too, the main AP has 10 places for wds link that means i have still only 8 clients, maybe if they arent linksys and are just clients as netgear pc or pcmcia will work properly to any of the above AP's
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