WRT54G (*not* GS) and thibor firwmare

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by altimac, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. altimac

    altimac Network Guru Member

    Hi everybody

    I used to use HyperWRT+Tofu's firmwares and was quite happy with it.
    Today, i noticed that tofu has stop firmware mods, from his homepage:
    so i thought i would be able to use thibor mods to stay up to date...
    but on thibor's page, it is clear that his patches are for WRT54GS not G...

    is it a dead end for my WRT54G ?

    thanks for any help about upgrading my G :D

  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    you have 13c which is current right now. if and when i update my version, i'll also build with a G codepattern that can be used by G users, i'm not sure about the v1's though. i'd have to have that tested and confirmed working
  3. altimac

    altimac Network Guru Member

    cool, your nice not to forget us :D
    i thought that the most current release was 14... ok i may not use every new features ;-)
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    If you are currently running Tofu, you can do a simple firmware upgrade to Thibor 14. This should work on all WRT54G V2 and above, reportedly. I know it works great on my WRT54G V4, which is the same as a WRT54GL. I cannot attest to any other hardware revision, but reports of routers as old as "G" 2.0 running Thibor 14 are out there.

    I suspect that Thibor just doesn't want to get into supporting people who try to upgrade "G" to "GS" using Thibor. Can't say as I blame him. Though the hardware in the Gv4/GSv4/GL units is the same, trying to compatibility test all those old routers with their varying hardware configurations, different processor speeds, etc, especially when you don't have them, is (no doubt) a MAJOR pain in the... well, you get the idea.

    For the WRT54G V1.0 and V1.1, the jury is still out on Thibor. I haven't seen any confirmations of it working for anyone. If someone out there has a 1.0 or a 1.1, might be a fun experiment to load Tofu then go to Thibor, but there is probably a slight risk of bricking...
  5. altimac

    altimac Network Guru Member

    i've checked my router, it is this one:
    CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0 / ADM6996L Chipset / CPU 200Mhz

    and i can not upgrade to thibor 14.
    Im currently with tofu 13c

    i get an update failure each time i try the upgrade.
    I even checked Clear NVRAM, restore factory defaults

    but no go.

    Any idea ?
  6. iamqwerty

    iamqwerty Network Guru Member

    Maybe your downloaded version of Thibor14 is scrambled.

    MD5 checksum should be:
    83213681edfbfabbca37ef045811833e *Hyperwrt_GS_Thibor14.bin
  7. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    I have a wrt54g v1.1 that I upgraded to Thibor 14. Was running tofu 13c. Did a straight upgrade from tofu 13c to thibor 14 with no intermediate steps. Seems to be working fine for me.
    So yes you can upgrade a wrt54g v1.1 to Thibor 14 at least as long as you have tofu loaded on it first.
  8. scotkb

    scotkb Network Guru Member

    sometimes you have to reboot before upgrading and i have heard that some even unplug the WAN connection while upgrading.
  9. Sopmod

    Sopmod Network Guru Member

    I upgraded my v2 'G' to Thibor 14 via DD-WRT-mini-generic.

    Works like a pearler and I love Thibor's as much as Tofu's brilliant firmware.

  10. magellat

    magellat Network Guru Member

    Thibor 14 works great on my WRT54G V 1.0
  11. ericjwill

    ericjwill Network Guru Member

    WRT54G v1.1 works well. Changed from DD-WRT because it kept dropping AIM constantly (ANNOYING, doesnt do it on my v3...) and had load averages > 1.1 constantly even when doing nothing (the v3 is always < .2 load).

    Good stuff.
  12. FrostByte

    FrostByte Network Guru Member

    I'm running on WRT54G V1.0 as well. Loaded on top of latest Tofu with no problems so far. I'm very pleased. :thumb:
  13. jksmurf

    jksmurf Network Guru Member

    Woohoo, right on!
    Two Gv1.0's =>Thibor 14, presumably both upgraded from latest Tofu13c. Awesome, thanks for the feedback guys.

  14. kulprit

    kulprit Network Guru Member

    OK guys, i am probably going to guess the answer is yes, but I am currently running Tofu 11 on my 2 version 3.1's, and have now found that you can upgrade straight from Tofu to Thibor14. Do I really need to reset to facotry defaults to do it this way as well, or is it a precaution that is necessary for DD-WRT.
  15. Casey321

    Casey321 Network Guru Member

    I installed Thibor14 on my WRT54G V3 last night with no problems.
    Everything works great! :cheer:

    I tried several other firmware version but like this one best!

    Casey . . .
  16. JingYou

    JingYou Network Guru Member

    im on G v2, and had upgraded from tofu 13c to thibor 14 even though its only meant for GS and GL. Its working great so far..
  17. katsyonak

    katsyonak Network Guru Member

    Updated my v3.1 'G' about a week ago from tofu 13c to Thibor 14 and it's working like a charm :)

    Thank you for your great work Thibor :thumb:
  18. phinn

    phinn Network Guru Member

    Been running Thibor 14 on my WRT54G v4 for a few days now and its as solid as ever.

    Tofu pretty much says he won't be maintaining Tofu anymore and to just use Thibor now anyway...

  19. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Network Guru Member

    I have a V1.1 and a V4 on Thibor 14 running for a few days now. Great stuff!

  20. myrrhlin

    myrrhlin Network Guru Member

    thibor 14 running on WRT54G v2.2

    I installed thibor 14 on my WRT54G v2.2 yesterday, and it seems happy. I am too, so far: stability AND features, sure beats the linksys firmware!

    i used tofu 13c as intermediate step, as has been widely described in these forums and over at www.hyperwrt.org forums. I found many helpful hints in the forums, and links to other useful resources, thanks to all of you. in particular this thread had very explicit instructions:
  21. stoneattic

    stoneattic Network Guru Member

    Tofu 13c to Thibor 14 on a WRT54Gv4. Went smoothly. It seems to work with utorrent much better. Now I have a GS :)
  22. winter_war

    winter_war Network Guru Member

    I did the upgrade from Tofu 13c this morning. Installing Thibor 14 onto the WRT54G v1.0 went without a hitch and is running great. I had a little trouble with my WRT54G v1.1 though and the power LED was flickering. Had to do a power off 30sec reset, power on 10sec reset to get it going again. Now it is running great too.

  23. sander815

    sander815 Network Guru Member

    working great on a wrt54g v2 here
  24. dcrane6

    dcrane6 Network Guru Member

    Working excellent here as well on a WRT54G Version 2.0. A direct upgrade from Tofu13c, and an erase nvram, reboot and off I went. Reinputed my QOS settings, Static DHCP settings, Syslog settings, WPA2 key, rebooted again and working like a champ. Great stuff, and I didn't have a single issue with it upgrading. All clients, NAS, and VOIP working great.

    Thanks Thibor. :cheering:

    And a big thanks to Tofu as I was a diehard user from his early work to the current. :rockon:

    Thanks to Avenger 2.0 too as I used his inital release before Tofu was available. :clap:

    All great stuff guys, and a big cheers for all of your hard work!
  25. pf5x

    pf5x Network Guru Member

    Bought 2 pcs WRT54G v4 here in Singapore last Saturday (@ Fuwell in Funan Mall, they say they have a few 100 in stock !!!). Flashed Thibor 14 into them straight out of the box without intermediate F/W. The new .bin files with the various headers seem to be OK for stock to Thibor upgrades.

    Just came back tonight after bizz trip: everything still running. That's the way I like it ...

    Big thumbs up here ... :thumb:


  26. jdomi

    jdomi LI Guru Member

    I had the latest firmware on my WRT54G v1 but had a lot of disconnects. A couple of days ago I flashed it w/ Thibor14 and it seemed to be working great for about 3 hours when all of the sudden I could not connect anymore.

    I put the stock firmware back and still doesn't work. The red Diag light is off and from the outside it looks fine, but it just doesn't connect.

    I tried stock and Thibor14 back and forth a few times and nothing. The only thing I have not done (because I didn't know until I read it today in this forum) is the erasing of nvram and the hard resets in between all the steps.

    What could be wrong? What can I do next? Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you in advanced, JD.
  27. CorpCitz

    CorpCitz Guest

    Having had enough of battling an old 'B' router, I found a WRT54G v4 at Radio Shack (hey, it was "On Sale" and got free ampd antennae).

    Up updated to the latest Linksys firmware and my furthest receiver only got 50% signal at best.

    I updated to Thibor 14 (Clearing NVRAM etc), upped output by one notch, and now get a solid 60-65% signal!

    Thanks Thibor! It's great that your fantastic firmware still work on the non-GS units.
  28. Trademark

    Trademark Network Guru Member

    1st post. Hello to all.

    I'm running a WRT54G v2 with Thibor 14 and it works flawlessly.

    Upgraded from stock firmware without a hitch.

    Been up for over 10 days.

    I just bought a new WRT54GS v3 from Radio Shack along with some 5.5dBi antennas. (antennas were free after MIR)

    Put Thibor 14 on it and everything works flawlessly as well.

    Thanks for all the great firmware and hard work. Cheers.
  29. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    thibor 14 running on WRT54G

    I have a WRT54G V2.1 and a GS V4 both running Thibor 14. I flashed both from stock straight to Thibor, with no problems.

    I was trying to pick up a third but was disappointed to only find V5's in the GS and G units I'll have to keep my eyes open.
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