wrt54g & o2 atom & firewall

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sadhu_s60, Dec 17, 2007.

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    i bought wrt54g v7 on 14th dec 2007 ...i've upgraded the firmware to latest 7.00.4 as provided by linksys

    everything is working fine when am using it with my laptop compaq v3149au

    # but as per the manual, if i enable security -> firewall -> Block Anonymous Internet Requests , then my IP is not supposed to respond to PING .... but my IP is responding to PING !!!

    what worries me most is, my o2 ATOM is NOT connecting to wrt54g. my atom is running the latest official ROM as provided by o2. i have done several soft/hard reset on my atom but to no avail. the atom has 802.11b so i've set wrt54g to wireless -> basic wireless settings -> Wireless Network Mode: B -Only ...still nothing.... i've tried all possible settings on atom

    now let me explain what happens... this might sound weird but this is wat happens... the atom doesNOT detect the access point on default channel-11

    when i set channel 3/5/6 then somtimes the atom does detect... but it keeps vanishing... & it never connects

    when i set Beacon Interval: 10 then @last it connects BUT only once every 20-30 manual attempts & then the connection drops after a minute or so & it hangs my atom !!!

    i took wifi mainly for handheld devices.... if i had to use laptops & pcs only, wired hubs were sufficient...

    pls help
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