WRT54G or WRT54GS?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by superjohnny, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. superjohnny

    superjohnny Network Guru Member

    Hello and thank you Linksysinfo.org for the great site. I started searching for this site because the connection speed with my wireless setup was "low" and surfing the net was painful. I've been reading for a couple of days now and have successfully loaded the HyperWRT 21b1 firmware on my WRT54G v2.0 router. This gave a nice increase in my connection speed, but I've noticed it's still not like my old wired network. I played City of Hero's shortly after getting it running and noticed an immediate bit of lag. I was wondering if I should upgrade to the WRT54GS instead?

    Currently my PC's are located about 100ft from the router, 2 interior walls separate them. The router is in my bedroom and the PC's are in my living room. My signal is usually "good" or "very good" with usually 3 or 4 of 5 bars green on both PC's. The PC's are running D-link G520 adapters (they say they're 108Mbps compatible). I'm using WAP encryption, but all other router settings are stock.

    Would returning the G and getting the GS version give me a better, faster connection? Would it be a worthwhile upgrade?

    Thanks for your help and thank you Linksysinfo.org

  2. superjohnny

    superjohnny Network Guru Member

    Hmmmm, maybe not a very well thought out question. How 'bout this...

    Does the GS have better range than the G? Does the v3 GS have better range than the v2?

  3. Nato

    Nato Network Guru Member

    To my knowledge, the GS' range should be approximately the same as the normal G version of the router.

    The only major difference between the two (AFAIK, barring any internal hardware differences) is the speedbooster/afterburner technology that the WRT54GS can use - however, to take advantage of the "up to 35%" speed increase they advertise, you must use wireless cards that are speedbooster enabled. In otherwords, you wouldn't just be buying a new router, you'd be buying two new wireless cards as well.

    For a lot of MMORPGS such as World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, EQ2 and the like, providing your transmitting speed is hovering at a rate of at least 11.0mbps, you should be perfectly fine in-game. Those games really don't have that high an overhead in terms of the bandwidth they use while you're playing. This will differ if you are also using a voicecom program such as Ventrilo or teamspeak.

    It does seem like your computers are a little far away from the access point, though - is it possible to close that distance, even a little? You may find that the extra distance affects your transmitting speed negatively, as well as walls/anything inbetween that may cause interference.

    What specific kind of lag are you noticing? Ping increase or server lag? It may be your provider (ISP's routing sometimes changes, I have found) or it may simply be the server that you are on is simply now just more populated in a certain zone, or something to that effect...

    Hope this helps, at least a little.
  4. superjohnny

    superjohnny Network Guru Member

    It absolutely does, thanks Nato. The wireless cards I bought are speed-booster enabled, so maybe it is worth another $20 to get the faster router. Moving the PC's closer really isn't going to be possible, but my connection seems to be pretty good most of the time. I'll try tweaking some of the router settings to boost the signal.

    So is this as good as routers get? I notice they have a WRT54GX for sale, but it's $180. Bugger I think I'll just flash back to the latest Linksys firmware and exchange it for a GS.

    I'll post back on performance.

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