WRT54G , ports blocking doesn't work

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by machupichu, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. machupichu

    machupichu LI Guru Member

    Hi everybody,

    I search in the forums but I didn't find a solution to my problem.
    First I have a wrt54g router version 2.0 witjh the latest official firmware

    I want to block msn messenger port which is port 1863 and when I create a new rule in webinterface => access restrictions the connection still working on the others computers in my network

    I created a new blocked service and specify the port 1863 , then I specified all mac address and ip range for the computers I wanted to block access but when I enable this new rule It has no effect . Msn messneger still working on the specified computers

    I don't what other option I must activate or is this a bug in the firmware ?

  2. machupichu

    machupichu LI Guru Member

    So nobody has a solution. the official firmware may not handle that kind of services blocking
  3. kevanj

    kevanj LI Guru Member

    Try blocking the login server name instead

    Try blocking traffic to gateway.messenger.hotmail.com
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