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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by spireview, May 5, 2006.

  1. spireview

    spireview LI Guru Member

    Hey folks,

    I've got a problem. I recently replaced my WRT54G v2(which we will call AP#2) and PAP2 VOIP box with a WRT54GP2 Wireless VOIP router (Vonage, which we will call AP#1). It has DHCP enabled and runs the VOIP stuff just fine.

    What I need to know is... can I make my old WRT54G v2, which has been displaced, and plug it in or set it up in such a way as to allow seamless roaming for wireless clients (so I can take my laptop to the other end of the building, etc.)?

    One would think it a simple matter. I set the SSIDs the same, made sure they were on differing channels, had the same WEP structure and keys, and disabled the DHCP on the old Gv2(AP#2). I ran a Cat5 cable from one of the ports on the GP2(AP#1) to the "Internet" port on the Gv2.

    When I fired everything up, I could connect to AP#1 just fine. I could roam to AP#2 as well. The problems begin when I try to roam BACK to AP#1.

    I've read elsewhere that it may be a problem with firmware. If so, can anyone direct me to any one of the number of "improved" firmware versions?

    Can someone please explain why Linksys would reduce the functionality of the AP by adding a router function? I'm assuming here that the internal organs of the WRT54G are similar to the WAP54G (at least at the AP real estate....) BUT WHY wouldn't this wonderful little box support AP roaming?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. spireview

    spireview LI Guru Member

    ...like.... what if I flashed the WRT with WAP firmware?

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