WRT54G random reboots

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Journey_man, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Journey_man

    Journey_man LI Guru Member


    I have a V2 WRT54G running Tomato 1.07 that is rebooting randomly. It was also rebooting on Tomato V1.06. It runs anywhere from 24 to 36 hours before it reboots. I had hoped upgrading Tomato would help. So in an attempt to figure out what is going on I've implemented syslogging to a syslogd host in an attempt to catch any errors.

    Unfortunately there is just a gap when the router reboots. The last thing the log file mentions is updating the WAN DHCP lease. I will wait and see if this is a recurring feature.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on here? I've searched google and the forums and there isn't any hard info, just some vague suggestions about dodgy hardware... :frown:

    Thanks for any help!
  2. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    Upgrade to a newer wrt54gl or a buffalo, routers based on bcm4712 will have random reboots with some wireless clients that are connected. OpenWRT and dd-wrt has updated their drivers to address this issue and others, but tomato still using the older drivers which do not well support the older chips.
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