WRT54G Reliability problems. Any help appreciated.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gongo, Jul 21, 2005.

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    G'day all...this is my first post, so apologies if anything I say sounds absurd.

    I just recently purchased a WRT54G 3.1, which has what I believe is the latest stock firmware Firmware Version : v4.00.7

    I have it hooked up as follows. Bridged ADSL router (Billion 711ce) into WAN port. PC and XBOX into ethernet ports. Laptop connected wirelessly. I have the wrt54g set up to PPPoE connect to my provider.

    Generally it is working okay, I have several issues though.
    1. Randomly it just stops working. When I try to reconnect, from the 'status' page, it takes about 10 seconds to say, "could not get IP address from PPPoE server" - But if I disconnect the modem and plug it directly into the network port and use windows XP's PPPoE client to log in, it works perfectly. first time, everytime. To fix it I generally have to go to the Clone Mac Address option. If it is enabled, then I have to disable it, If its its disabled, then I enable it, and things start happening again. This works most, but not all of the time.

    2. It disables the connection to my pc's quite often. I can watch my modem lights flashing away downloading for example a large torrent. While this is going, I will attempt to, say, check my email. All the transmission lights go out, the Internet Gateway Icon will disappear from my Network Connections window in XP, and things will be dead for a second. Quick as a flash, the icon re-appears, and connects again. It seems to do this when I have several things going at once.

    3. If I have a fast download going, browsing is basically impossible. It will time out before anything comes up. With my old modem acting as a router, things would obviously be slower, but not impossible.

    If anyone can offer any advice, i'd be glad to try it. I wasn't sure if there was an alternative firmware that could help me at all. Particularly with the PPPoE login, which seems very unreliable.
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