WRT54G Resets DNS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by doncam, Mar 12, 2008.

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    I have a new WRT54G (firmware 8.00.2) in my home network that occasionally resets the value for 'Static DNS 1' to its own address. Any box on the network that renews DHCP afterwards cannot resolve an outside address. On the frontend, the router is connected to a Smoothwall 2.0 box that, in turn connects to the DSL modem. The Smoothwall box ( has the two ISP supplied DNS addresses set. On the router (, I set the 'Static DNS 1' to point to the Smoothwall box ( and leave 'Static DNS 2' and 'Static DNS 3' to the default Everything is good. There are 2 win2k boxes, 2 win XP boxes and a linux box in the network (plus a couple of SoundBridge Radios and an IP phone). After a random period of time, the win boxes that use DHCP cannot resolve external addresses. When I pull up the WRT54G GUI, is shows the 'Static DNS 1' to be Resetting this to the original value ( causes the router to hang requiring a power off/on.

    I can work around this problem by setting the win boxes to static ip addresses, but when I bring my laptop home from work, it can't get out.

    Has anyone seen this problem? More importantly, has anyone resolved it?
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