WRT54G Router 3.1 with Firmware Version : v4.00.7

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by slydawg, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. slydawg

    slydawg Guest

    Hi guys (and gals if any). I just purchased my WRT54G yesterday and see I am a little late in joining the bandwagon on this one. Is it possible for me to get the DD-WRT Firmware working with what I have or am I a day late and dollar short? If not any suggestions for any of the other firmwares to use? I appreciate your input on this one.
  2. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    DD-WRT v 23 alpha is said to be working fine on this unit.
  3. 8ball

    8ball Network Guru Member

    I just flashed my newly purchased 3.1 with v22_R2 and works fine. Absolutely no problems flashing, it worked correct the first time.
  4. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    I would love to flash my router to DD-WRT v22 final but the only thing that stops me is the wireless speed problem that is inherent in that release. Only in v23 that DD-WRT is using the latest Linksys firmware
  5. 8ball

    8ball Network Guru Member

    After boosting my signal I have been happy with my speeds so far both LAN and WAN. I have read other posts in the forums with v3.1 users running v23alpha I just don't want to be an alpha tester with brand new hardware possibly inherint to most complications. Do some searching and there are a few pl successfully running v23 tho. I'm not sure on the flashing process if there is anything special involved.

    edit: oops you're one of the ppl running it, I thought I was replying to the thread starter.
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