WRT54G router mode?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by lukpac, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. lukpac

    lukpac Network Guru Member

    I've got a WRT54G (with firmware v4.20.7) which I'm currently using in Gateway/NAT mode. For my cable modem, this is fine, as I only am assigned a single IP address, but with my DSL I'm assigned multiple addresses, and I'd like to take advantage of that. My DSL modem will assign multiple (up to 254 I believe) publicly routable IP addresses via DHCP. If I plug in a switch and plug 5 computers into that switch, for example, I'll get 5 publicly routable IP addresses.

    My question is, can I use the "Router" mode on the WRT54G to achieve a 1:1 relationship of public and private addresses? I.e., if I have 10 computers on the LAN side, can I have 10 public addresses on the WAN side (vs. a single one as I have now)?

    I've tried turning on RIP, both just on the WAN side and on both sides, and it doesn't seem to work. This is what comes back as my routing table:

    Destination LAN IP  	Subnet Mask  	Gateway  	Interface	LAN & Wireless	WAN (Internet)	WAN (Internet)
  2. MasterChef

    MasterChef Guest

    Try this. Disable DHCP on the WRT54G. You might need to power cycle the router. It should pass them right through to the switch ports on WRT54G and unless you segregated the wireless from the wired, it will also hand them out to any wireless connections.

    If you don't want to use the firewall functions of the WRT54G or if the DSL modem includes firewall/router capabilities, just disable and disconnect the WAN interface and plug one of the regular ports of the WRT54G into the DSL modem in addition to disabling DHCP.

    (When you disable DHCP make a note of the address assigned to the WRT54G, you will need to know it to connect back to it if it is in a different range than your network. You can always restore it to the default if you forget it.)
  3. lukpac

    lukpac Network Guru Member

    In Router mode? I'll have to try that.

    I suppose that would work too, but I'd prefer to keep my non-server stuff behind a firewall. Although maybe I could do something with my Cisco router...
  4. lukpac

    lukpac Network Guru Member

    Hmm...didn't seem to work. I didn't have *any* DHCP available - I had to use a static IP to get things going again.
  5. lukpac

    lukpac Network Guru Member

    Anyone else have ideas about this? Thanks.
  6. jollymahesh

    jollymahesh Network Guru Member

    ---seeing under setup page of the router ---under net work setup
    disable the dhcp server
    ----after tht power cycle your router
    ---and see tht ur not supposed to use the internet port of ur router
    ---like modem---wrt54g ( lets say port : 4)
    ----power cycle and ur fine
    disabling the dhcp server will kill ur internet port on the router
    u cld use the wrt as a switch with 4 ports 1 fr ur modem and remaining 3 fr ur wired
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