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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gator101, Jul 12, 2006.

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    I have a problem with a WRT54GL router. My network is setup as follows: WRT54GL router (with DHCP enabled) Internet is connected here as well. This router then feeds a Dell Switch which in turn feeds the rest of the network items. One of the items the dell switch fed was a dell true mobile access point in my resisdence. This AP was connected by a cable (cat 5 ethernet) and was aproximately 250 feet long. I had wireless network connectivity from this unit as well as access to my local network.
    The dell unit died. I had a WRT54G version 3 just like the one set up already in my office. I set it up as a router, gave it an IP address and left all of the settings default. It would not work. I connected the same ethernet cable directly to my laptop in residence and it works fine. I flashed both WRT54 units with the latest linksys firmware (4.3 I think) and the office unit continued to work fine. I connected the second unit directly to the dell switch with a short cat5 cable and it works fine. This pointed the problem to the cable (250 foot run). Talked to linksys and they advised me the WRT54 would not work in that great of distance. They advised me I needed an WAP54G. Purchased one yesterday. Same problem. It looks as if the WRT units do not see the connection. The light on front just blinks on and off. The puzzling thing is the laptop connected to the line in question works fine. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    There are several solutions to your problem I can think of only if you're game enough to upgrade your router to use 3rd party firmware...I can list a few solutions I can think of.

    - WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to expand your wireless coverage
    - Client Bridge mode

    Those above recommendation are supported by 3rd party firmware. I'm currently using dd-wrt on my wrt54g router. You can check out the sticky for comparison on 3rd party firmware and google for more information on WDS and client bridge.

    Good luck
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