WRT54G + RT31P2 --> get WEB, & PHONE, but no NETWORK!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dgrrr, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    My house a WRT54G providing a network and internet access for three PCs.

    One of the 3 pcs is on the other end of the house, connected to teh WRT54G thru a long ethernet cable.

    The rest of the house uses a regular Verizon phone line. (separate). Now I want vonage to get my PHONE service.

    Vonage sent me a RT31P2.

    When I use it as a HUB (I plug the ethernet cable from both my PC and from the WRT54G into the 1 thru 4 ports, NOT the internet port), my PC can see the network, AND the internet. BUt the PHONE line doesn't work.

    When I plug the cable from the WRT54G into the RT31P2's "Internet" port, then I can still see the internet -- PLUS the PHONE works. BUT -- I can't see the other two PCs on the network (on the WRT54G)

    Is there a easy fix for this?

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    I haven't changed the IP's, if that's waht you mean.

    I haven't gotten to that point yet, where I go to for the wrt or for the voip

    I will try to do what you suggest in your post / article. But first I have to find out what is the login / pw for the ROUTER -- the ones provided by the previous tech are wrong.
  4. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    I re-set the router so I could access the setup. But when I tried to impement the changes in your article, I ran into the following:

    (1) My router is a WRK54G, and the screen looks different.
    Instead of "AutoConfig-DHC" it says "Obtain Addr Automatically"
    No router name
    No mention of "STP"
    There's no "MTU=Auto" setting, only MTU Enable or Disable
    Instaed of "max # of users" it says "# of Addresses"

    I"m sure there will be more diffs on other screens -- Do you have a version fo this artilce for the WRK54G?

    (2) In the article, when you say, "ENABLE REMOVE ADMINISTRATION" via the "Admin / Management" menu -- Do you mean for the WRK54G too, or just the phone router?

    (3) The WRK54G has no QoS page, but the RTPXXX does. Should I mess whith those settings? If so, how? (they look different than the wrt qos screens)

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    because the WRK has no QoS then you need to connect the routers like so:

    Modem <--> RT31P2 <--> WRK54G

    connect you main PC to the Lan port on the Rt31P2. all others can be connected to the WRK54G and QoS can be set to low priority for the lan port for the port the WRk54G is connected too.
  6. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    The problem is, the cable modem & wrk are at the upper, north end of the house -- the only person who's using the vonage box is me, at the lower, south end. THis means that, if I go this way:

    Modem <--> RT31P2 <--> WRK54G

    then I gotta run a PHONE CABLE from up there all the way downhere -- and the ENTIRE POINT of buying the vonage access was so I could just simply (sigh) take the ethernet cable (that already is in place in my work area) and plug it into the vonage box and get a new phone line.

    Do you see any way around either of the following:

    (1) Modem <--> RT31P2 (far) <--> WRK54G (far)
    and run a new phone line from the RT31P2 down to me (!)

    (2) Modem <--> WRK54G (far) <--> RT31P2 (near)
    and lose network access with the PCs on the WRK?
  7. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    I just got off the phone with vonage -- they said no way around running a cable.

    But another guys said I could use a DMZ, to enable network connection betweent PCs on the two rotuers.

    DO you know what he settings would have to be? I see the "apps & gaming / dmz" menus on both routers, but don't know what values to put there or in the setup menus...
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    U could always get a WRT54G :) and replace the WRK
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