WRT54G + RTP300 = no VPN access from home

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by puckhead_paul, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. puckhead_paul

    puckhead_paul Network Guru Member

    Greetings --

    First off, I'm *VERY* new when it comes to this home networking stuff. That said, here's my home network config currently:

    HS Internet ----> Vonage RTP300 rtr ----> WRT54G ----> Home PC

    Since adding the Vonage router, I have been unable to access my work's VPN 98% of the time, though our home internet access is just fine. One night, I tried for 3 hours before getting in. I have tried to switch the two units such that the HSI plugs into the WRT54G first, which then connects to the RTP300 router, but the phone line button (for the home phone) never lights up. Seems like the only way it will work is in the above configuration - which is just beyond me as to why that's the case.

    Also, I'm finding that access via IE browser to my wireless router (WRT54G) is unavailable. When I try to access the login page of the WRT54G, the session times out. I have reset the unit, but then I also had to rebuild all the security stuff. This inability happens regardless where my PC is plugged (WRT54G or RTP300). Again, this troubles me.

    Is there anything I need to do in either router to enable VPN capability? These are *HUGE* sore spots for me as I cannot understand just how one Linksys unit creates havoc for the other. I'm sure there are config questions/issues which may come up and I'll be happy to oblige if it gets this matter resolved. Many thanks!!

    ++ Paul in Chicagoland
  2. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    what VPN client are you using? Try disabling the services. I had similar issue, then disabled my Cisco VPN client service and only use it when I need to connect to my office VPN server.
  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    First off, I'd put the Vonage adapter BEHIND the WRT54G. The WRT54G's a solid router. If the phone light isn't lighting up, then you may have to play with it until it gets a solid IP address off your WRT54G, or perhaps forward a port or two (though that should not be necessary - my Vonage WRTP54G is *very* happy behind my WRT54G running HyperWRT Tofu 10).

    PS: I also simultaneously connect with two VPN's, and sometimes a third, AND run BitTorrent wide open with a few dozen connections, all rock-solid-stable on my HyperWRT-Tofu-enabled WRT54G. The Vonage adapter has first priority on QoS, both of my PC's are happy (though they DO slow down when the Vonage line is in use, of course), and the router is rock solid. Seriously, what you are trying to do isn't hard.

    But you do not want to connect your PC through double-NAT like you are. No VPN client in the world will remain stable under those conditions.
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